Time Now investigation reveals links between PFI and Al-Qaeda

pfi, al qaeda

A Times Now investigation has unveiled a large scale conspiracy against the Indian union by radical Islamists all over the world. The Times Now investigation suggests that some of the organizations funding radical Islamist, PFI, have also been linked to the global terrorist organization, the Al-Qaeda. 

Kerala based NGO, Muslim Relief Network (MRN) floated by PFI, receives funds in the form of donations from the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank. The Islamic Development Bank has been linked to the radical Islamist group World Assembly of Muslim Youth (Wamy), which is linked to the Al-Qaeda.

Last year, NIA in its dossier revealed that PFI secretly collected funds from many front and religious forums based in Gulf countries by using its sister organizations, Fraternity Forum (IFF) and Muslim Relief Network (MRN).  The document states that “It is widely suspected that PFI receives huge funds through India Fraternity Forum (IFF), a forum floated on behalf of PFI in Gulf countries, with its leaders E Abubacker A Sayed and E M Abdul Rehman who camouflaging their visit for Haj or Umrah pilgrimage or meeting with expatriate relatives with an aim to collect discreet funds.”

Also in the Last year, the NIA had sent a report to the Home Ministry recommending that PFI and its political arm, SDPI be banned on account of its terror activities in Kerala. In its detailed report, NIA disclosed that the founding members of the organisation formed the core of SIMI, a terrorist organisation that was banned in 2001. NIA listed four cases of terrorism involving the activists of these two organisations, including the chopping off of a professor’s hand in Kerala’s Idukki district, the murder of an RSS leader in Bengaluru, the Islamic State Al-Hindi module case plotting attacks in south India and the case of an ongoing training camp in Kannur where bombs and improvised explosive devices (IED) have been discovered. The PFI is active in 23 states and is believed to be training its volunteers in the use of crude bombs and carrying out indoctrination classes.

PFI is an Islamic fundamentalist organisation in India which has been accused countless times of murder, rioting and disturbing communal harmony in Kerala and other states. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan is, surprisingly, yet to ban the PFI and its activities in the state where it has the most support. The Kerala government in 2012 had itself informed the High Court their opinion regarding the Islamist organisation. The Kerala government had stated that “nothing but a resurrection of the banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in another form”. Jharkhand has become the first state to ban the notorious organisation in the country. The Kerala government allowed the PFI to grow under its nose and now they are getting its results. Just a few days ago, leader of student wing of communist party, Student Federation of India (SFI) was stabbed to death and two others were gravely injured at a college in Kochi. The attack was allegedly carried out by members of the pro-Islamic Campus Front and its parent outfit PFI. The official police statement regarding the attackers said, “Three workers of the PFI and the Campus Front have been taken into custody in connection with the incident.” Thus, proving that this is in fact the start of a tussle between the Communist party and the PFI which it had bred and nurtured for long.  After the attack, the Communist party began a crackdown on Popular Front of India and its subsidiaries. This should have started earlier and the radical organization like PFI should have never been allowed to grow so much.

Now that the link of this radical outfit has emerged with Al-Qaeda, it should immediately be banned. Further action must also be taken to neutralize growing reach of foreign terror organisations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS in India.


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