Rahul Gandhi unleashes his juvenile self in the ‘Temple of Democracy’

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Rahul Gandhi was at his best during the debate on no confidence motion in Lok Sabha when it came to multiple faux-pas both of factual and lingual nature. The dull proceedings of the no confidence motion were livened up by his foot-in-mouth moments. The whole house burst into laughter when he said, “Pradhan Mantri ji BAR mai jate hain”.  He wanted to say that PM goes out of the country on so many foreign trips but he ended up saying bar instead of baahar. Later on, he tried to correct himself but the damage was already done. Rahul Gandhi needs to understand that PM goes on foreign visits to improve diplomatic relations, bring FDI and other things for India and not for a secret vacation.

Rahul Gandhi started his speech with a strong zeal but ended up becoming a laughing stock like always. He mixed up Hindi with English and came up with brand new Hinglish word ‘Kisaans’. In his almost half an hour speech, Rahul Gandhi uttered so many false allegations and half-truths on the house floor that now the BJP is likely to bring a privilege motion against him after the no confidence motion vote.

Rahul Gandhi also claimed that PM can’t look into his eyes when the fact is that the PM was looking at him and laughing out loud at his stupidity because unfortunately, the Hindi phrase Rahul used to state as much was not quite right.“Pradhanmantri apni aankh meri aankh mein nahi daal sakte” he had said.

Putting all his stupidity aside, Rahul Gandhi today did a very unparliamentary thing. Rahul Gandhi while ending his speech said, “I know aapke liye mai pappu hoon but I have no hatred for anyone” and then he went on to hug PM Modi. This is clearly against the parliamentary decorum and the acceptable behavior on the house floor. Even PM Modi was resisting at first and the BJP MPs were also shouting at him and asked him not to hug PM Modi but still, Rahul Gandhi went ahead and hugged PM Modi. It was very magnanimous of PM Modi that after the hug, he shook his hand and gave him a pat on his back. With this entirely uncalled for gesture, he undermined the parliamentary decorum and rules.

Harsimrat Kaur got seriously offended when Rahul Gandhi said, “Akali Dal ki neta mujhe muskura kay dekh rahiin thiin.” She lashed out at Rahul Gandhi over his unparliamentary gestures and took objection to the hug to PM Modi.

Rahul Gandhi did not stop here. After coming to his seat, he winked at Jyotiraditya Scindia . A very juvenile gesture and thoroughly inappropriate at the ‘Temple of Democracy’.  When one lacks substance in their speech they switch to such cheap theatrics.

No one liked cheap dramas of Rahul Gandhi and later on, Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan ripped him apart for his drama in the house. She said, “The Prime Minister was sitting in the House in his capacity as the PM. We should keep this in mind before making any move or gesture.”

She further added, “There’s a decorum in the parliament that should be followed by all members. It may have felt good to you but this is not how things work.” Union Minister Rajnath Singh also attacked Rahul Gandhi. He said, “The opposition has turned the House into Chipko movement.”


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