New drama of Congress, seeks crowd-funding for new headquarters

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The Grand Old Party of India is facing the threat of eviction in October from its 24 Akbar Road party headquarters. The Congress party is planning to crowd-fund for its new hi-tech headquarter at Rouse Avenue, New Delhi. The party is likely to start an online campaign to request people to donate amount so that they can complete the construction of their new hi-tech headquarter. The party’s new building is still not complete. It’s quite appalling to know that party which looted the country for several years lacks fund to construct its new office.

The Congress party was kicked out of power in 2014 because their government was completely absorbed in corruption. Their prime focus was not governing but looting the country. Big scams like Coal Scams, Common Wealth Games scams, Adarsh Housing scam, 2G Spectrum Scam, Aircel-Maxis scam, Vadra land deals, AirAsia scam, and AgustaWestland Chopper scam all happened under UPA government led by the Congress party. The list of scams under UPA government is too lengthy and new ones keep surfacing even after 4 years of the UPA being out of power. They looted billions and billions of rupees which belonged to the country and its people and now the party is planning to crowdsource funds for its office. After looting the public thoroughly now they need public funds for their office. It means that they want to extract whatever chillar is left in the pockets of common men of India after their years of corrupt rule. The Congress party can build headquarter in every village in India with the money which they have looted in their 60 years of rule. But they are still doing all this drama in order to get the public sympathy. The party is not just full of corrupt people but also full of liars and publicity-mongers.

The Congress party should rope its Karnataka industrialist MLA D.K Shivakumar. He is so rich that he can single-handedly construct a brand new headquarter for the party. Just a few days ago, he claimed to have gifted iPhones, leather bags and other expensive goodies to Karnataka MPs. The overall cost of these gifted items is estimated to be over one lakh rupees per individual. Why is the Congress party not utilizing its Kuber MLA? If the Congress party lacks funds for the construction of a new headquarter then who sponsors Rahul Gandhi’s foreign trips and also how their party leaders manage to get treatments in foreign countries.

The Congress party is doing all this drama to make BJP look like the party with money and to portray itself as a party with no funds in order to gain public sympathy and also to make the common man pay for its new headquarter. According to a Times of India report, a Congress functionary said, “The jibe of Congress president ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’ had a great reverberation with the people. When we openly say that ‘We do not have the money, please help us’, we are striking a chord with the people directly that the party is not corrupt.”

People of India are not fools to fall into the trap of Congress party again and again. They are well aware of the net worth of the Congress party and its leaders. This brand new drama of the Congress party is bound to fall flat on its face like all other earlier dramas to gain public sympathy.


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