If Nitish Kumar is looking for a new partner, he is not going to find one.

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The Print has a dubious distinction of coming up with weird opinion pieces, however, one of its recent news reports is worthy of attention. One cannot even trust news scoops in a country where journalists have reported that a military coup is round the corner, but nonetheless, this story deserves a closer look. The Print, in its report, has claimed that the Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, tried to reach out to RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav in an apparent bid to switch sides again. At the risk of believing an alleged news story from a dubious source , the development in Bihar seems to be interesting, if true.

If these reports are to be believed, one must appreciate Nitish Kumar for overshadowing a chameleon when it comes to changing colors and also his desperation for clinging to power. Nitish Kumar knows very well that he lacks the clout and leeway when it comes to bargain with the BJP for more number of Lok Sabha seats. In 2014 Lok Sabha elections when the BJP went without the JD (U) and it won 22 seats. Its allies won 9 more seats, taking NDA’s tally to 31. Moreover, the BJP has the largest vote share in Bihar.  In 2014, JD (U) secured only 2 seats with a vote share of just 15.8 %, a fall of 8.24 % from the previous election. Its vote share also declined by 5.81% in 2015 Bihar assembly elections. Vote share of JD (U) was 16.8% and they had won 71 seats because they were in alliance with RJD. On the other hand, BJP’s vote share rose up by 7.94% with a total vote share of 24.4%.

JD (U) has no option but to remain with the BJP on BJP’s terms. Otherwise, if they go alone, the BJP will sweep the state in a three-cornered fight, just like it did in 2014. JD (U) and Nitish Kumar should realize the electoral reality as soon as possible. Also, Nitish Kumar is now not as much popular as he used to be.  But still, it looks like he is looking for better partner somewhere else. Unfortunately, he has exhausted all his lifelines. Nitish Kumar has developed such a bad reputation of flip-flops that even Tejashwai Yadav closed the doors for the Nitish Kumar permanently. According to Patna Daily, Tejashwi Yadav said, “he (Nitish Kumar) would never be welcomed in any RJD-led alliance in future.” He also said Nitish Kumar has proven himself a back-stabber and turncoat. He even hinted that Nitish calling up Lalu and enquiring about his health was nothing but just a fake show of sympathy. 

It’s clear that RJD does not want to keep any relation with Nitish Kumar anymore. Not just RJD, if The Print report is to be believed, the Congress has also hinted that they have no space for Nitish Kumar. A Congress leader said, “For us, Lalu Yadav is more important than Nitish. He is much more trustworthy than Nitish. If Lalu decides to revive the mahagathbandhan, we are ok. Else, Nitish will have to wait.” Nitish kumar has damaged his image so much that even the party like Congress is also not willing to trust him.

Now, Nitish is left with only two options, first is BJP or to go it alone, and if he chooses to go alone then the BJP would sweep the Bihar again just like it did in 2014 and political annihilation of JD(U) and it’s politics will begin. It’s the Nitish who needs the BJP and not the other way round.



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