Kejriwal’s latest dharna drama is an excuse to hide his incompetency.

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Arvind Kejriwal is a man who threatens to redefine the word ‘bizarre’ every time he decides to try and fulfil his duty as Delhi CM. In a not so bizarre turn of events, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal along with Deputy CM Manish Sisodia and Cabinet Ministers Satyendra Jain and Gopal Rai decided to stage a sit-in protest which soon turned into a sleepover at Delhi LG Anil Baijal’s office. Their demands were even more bizarre and laid bare Kejriwal’s inability to lead his government.

Kejriwal’s penchant for drama is stuff of folklores and the events that unfolded yesterday underline his ability as an actor. Delhi LG Anil Baijal had agreed to meet the CM and his deputy Sisodia and hear their list of demands. However, Kejriwal got angry on why was the LG not meeting Gopal Rai and Satyendra Jain and demanded that the LG met the full delegation. The major reason for the Kejriwal led delegation to visit Baijal was the issue of ‘protesting’ IAS officers. Delhi CM alleged that the IAS officers were on protest for four months on the orders of the Central government to stop his government’s work for the people of Delhi. He further alleged that ED, CBI and the IT department has been specifically told by the Central government to not let his government work. Kejriwal tweeted “Why are the IAS officers protesting?” He tried to sensationalize the issue by claiming this is happening for the first time ever in the history of independent India. So are the IAS officers really protesting? If so, why?

The IAS association has promptly dismissed Kejriwal’s claim and has stated that no normal work has been affected. However, the IAS association had declared earlier that they will serve only the public and they no longer respond to any summons from Kejriwal or his ministers and they have a valid reason for doing so. In February, Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash was summoned by Kejriwal at his residence during the night and was beaten by AAP MLAs in Kejriwal’s presence. Forget stopping his MLAs, Kejriwal didn’t utter a word on this incident nor did he condemn the pathetic act. The officers have demanded security and be treated with respect something which Kejriwal has refused to provide. This is why the officers have refused to be summoned. Last month the CM and all his MLAs again sat on a dharna albeit this time outside the LG’s office over the issue of installation of CCTV cameras.

The LG again agreed to meet him and Sisodia but Kejriwal wanted to bring along all his MLAs which was not accepted by the LG. Baijal is a senior citizen and AAP’s hate for him is well known and given the previous record of hooliganism by AAP MLAs, Baijal had every right to refuse to meet the AAP MLAs. Again, back then Kejriwal stated he wouldn’t leave until his demands are accepted. Needless to say, the dharna evaporated soon.

The dharna showcased by Kejriwal last month was at least a proper one, but what is happening today is nothing but a farce. This is nothing but a sleepover. The question that arises is who is ruling Delhi if Kejriwal and all his trusted aides are sleeping at LG’s office? This shows Kejriwal’s inability to lead Delhi and inspire others to work for his government. All his demonstrations are nothing but an attempt to hide his failures. Delhi Jal Board used to be a profit-making organisation which, under the leadership of Kejriwal, has turned into an 800 crore loss-making enterprise. He is an elected representative who still sits on dharna at every small issue. Full statehood to Delhi will mean Kejriwal making life hell for the people of Delhi as time and again he has proved that giving full power to him is extremely dangerous and he can stoop down to any level to undermine PM Modi. Kejriwal is nothing but a child who needs constant pampering. Perhaps this is what happens when anarchists are elected as Chief Ministers.


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