Congress leader Saifuddin Soz says,India and Pakistan should become friends. Really?

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Political vulturism has begun with the death of a journalist and editor of a Kashmir based news paper Rising Kashmir, Shujat Bhukari. He was gunned down by Pakistani sponsored terrorists. Two brave PSO’s guarding him also lost their lives. His death shows the spread of rampant Islamic terrorism in the Kashmir valley. Now Islamist are targeting even their sympathizers. As Hillary Clinton has once said, “You can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors. You know, eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard.”

What was appalling to see was the amount of spewing of venom by the pro-pak and pro-Islamist leftist-liberal lobby. They blamed right-wingers/BJP supporter/RSS for the killing of a psuedo-journalist known for his bigot views. People who within a minute blamed the entire right-winger for the murder of the leftist journalist Gauri Lankesh but not even a single journalist uttered the word ‘Islamic terrorism’ responsible for the murder of Shujat Bhukhari. Pakistani sponsored terrorists, Islamic terrorism and Kashmiris themselves are responsible for the ongoing mayhem in Kashmir. Especially Kashmiri Muslims who maintained stoic silence when 3.5 lakhs Kashmiri pandits were hounded out of the valley. They remained mute spectator to injustice happening with Kashmiri Pandits and now their sins of past has come back to hound them. In Gita it is written that tolerating the injustice is a bigger crime than committing the injustice. So now the Kashmiri intelligentsia is paying for their crime of tolerating the injustice happened against the innocent Kashmiri Pandits.

Even after so much violent killing and widespread terrorism, Kashmiris are still not willing to learn anything. Now they are blaming the RSS/BJP for their sad state. Senior Congress leader from the Kashmir valley Saifuddin Soz condemned the murder of Shujat Bhukhari but in the same breathe has blamed the RSS/BJP responsible for Shujat Bhukhari’s murder. It would be not wrong to say that Congress’ has taken the stand which Pakistan would have liked them to take. It has become a hobby of the Congress to blame RSS/BJP for all the wrongs under the sun. But the contagious disease of blaming the RSS is not going to help the case. The first way to solve the problem is to recognize that there is a problem called Islamic terrorism but instead they are not willing to do so , hence suffering it’s consequences. Instead of calling a spade a spade, senior Congress leader decided to come up with the conspiracy theory, that pressure put by the RSS/BJP created such an atmosphere in the valley. He pretends as if he doesn’t know anything. He went on to the extent of advocating an absurd idea that India and Pakistan should become friends to bring peace in the valley again. Stupidity is using ‘Pakistan’ and ‘peace’ in the same sentence which Saifuddin Soz did. He is not alone, the whole leftist, liberal, lutyen cabal agree with this absurd idea. That’s why they back ceasefire and aman ki asha type of ideas. Till date these ideas have not yielded any fruitful results instead of peace, they brought havoc upon the country with terrorist attacks like 26/11 and Uri terrorist attack. But still lutyen cabal living in their comfort zones are passing commentaries, criticizing and lamenting the BJP government for taking strict approach against Pakistan. Some times people get confused whether these people are Indian citizens or unofficial spokesperson of Pakistan.

Even after the brutal murder of Shujat Bhukhari, tribe of journalists are still romanticizing with Islamic terrorism ideology. The lutyen media is making same template rhetoric like fourth pillar of democracy is in danger, great loss to the journalistic community, attack on the freedom of press etc and all nonsense. But they are not discussing the core issue as who killed Shujat Bhukhari. This shows their hypocrisy and cowardliness. Such journalists are a blot on the face of journalism.


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