Sacked for stating the obvious? Why JW Marriott sacking Atul Kochhar is unfortunate

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In a recent controversy, where fascist liberals triumphed over free speech in the name of secularism, leading hotel chain, JW Marriott has terminated celebrated chef Atul Kochhar’s contract. He was alleged with having posted a supposedly anti-Islamic tweet. Atul Kochhar had only exercised his right to free speech by criticising Priyanka Chopra for an infamous Quantico episode where rudraksha bearing Hindus are shown as terrorists planning to blow up New York’s Manhattan and wrongly implicate Pakistanis for the same. Atul Kochhar then tweeted, “It’s sad to see that you have not respected the sentiments of hindus who have been terrorized by Islam over 2000 years. Shame on you.” In this tweet, there is nothing objectionable or wrong apart from the number of years. However, self-declared custodians of secularism found this objectionable and Islamophobic.

The entire pro-Islam liberal-secular cabal came down heavily on the celebrated chef for no reason. The liberal cabal in India which is hypersensitive and manipulative by character came out suggesting that authorities in Dubai should take some action, imperilling the livelihood of a fellow Indian. Atul Kochhar was hounded for speaking out his mind and in the end forced to apologise for exercising his freedom of speech and expression.

Fascist liberals had their way, as JW Marriott has sacked Atul Kochhar for speaking a historical truth. It has stated that Kochhar will no longer be associated with the restaurant (Rang Mahal) or the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. The pseudo seculars in India have come out celebrating this arbitrary termination as a victory against bigotry. One thing is clear that whether it is liberalism or Islamism, it is the Hindus who are made to suffer.

JW Marriott has come out with the most bizarre explanation while coming at the decision to sack the celebrated chef. It has stated that JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai prides itself on creating a culture of diversity and inclusion for our guests and associates across the hotel and our restaurants. But Atul Kochhar’s tweet was all about expressing his opinion and speaking out a historical truth. There might have been slight inaccuracy but that is not relevant. It seems that either the JW Marriott is suffering from the brand of pro-Islamic liberal fascism prevalent across the world or it is frightened, hence it took this decision.

In the past, JW Marriott has faced the consequences of extremist and violent Islam itself. In 2008, an Al Qaeda operative had bombed JW Marriott’s Islamabad hotel killing 53 people. Most of those who died were foreigners. However, now JW Marriott has booted out Kochhar for speaking up against Jihadi extremism. It is clear that either JW Marriott is suffering from the liberalism syndrome or it fears another terror attack if its employees speak up against Jihadi extremism. This could be why JW Marriott arrived at such a distasteful conclusion.

It is appalling how the imposition of Sharia law in Dubai and the heckling of a celebrated chef for voicing his opinion is being hailed as a victory over bigotry. If Kochhar had been speaking against Hinduism he would have been lauded as an “intellectual” and the lutyens’ journalists would have given him cordial invitations. However, since he is speaking against Islamic extremism and that too from Dubai where the law punishes anyone who speaks against Islamic extremism, Atul Kochhar has been hounded and thrown out of his job. JW Marriott which has been a victim of Jihadi terrorism itself seems to be frightened by the strict laws in Dubai and an entire lobby cutting across geographical borders which hounds anyone speaking up against Islamic extremism.


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