Welcome Digvijay Singh 2.0: The insider who is turning into a rebel

Digvijay Singh 2.0 has begun. It seems, he is back to take his revenge with a twist. This time his prime target is none other than his own Congress party. Rightlog.in carried out an article last week , about how Digvijay Singh had been sidelined by Rahul Gandhi, in his home-state Madhya Pradesh. Last week, Congress President Rahul Gandhi was in Mandsaur addressing the farmers who had assembled to pay respect to their brothers who died at the hands of police firing a year before. Digvijay’s protégé Rahul Gandhi sidelined his political guru throughout the entire length of his speech. Not just Rahul Gandhi but even Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the MPs from Chhindwara and Guna too did not give any importance to the two time Chief Minister from Madhya Pradesh. It is important to note here that Rahul Gandhi had earlier allotted the posts of State President and Campaign Committee Chief to Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia  respectively.

It looks like that this didn’t go down well with Digvijay Singh. It was also a bad idea for the Congress to insult Digvijay Singh  because he is well aware of all the weaknesses and the strengths of the Congress party. He knows when to and where to push the right buttons.

Digvijay Singh was infamous for his anti-Hindu statements and anti-RSS rants. His statements gave the Congress party an anti-Hindu image just before the 2014 elections which helped the BJP in reducing the Congress to double-digit numbers. The Anthony Commission said these anti-Hindu statements were one of the main reasons behind Congress’ worst ever debacle in General Elections. Still the Congress party didn’t learn its lesson and Rahul Gandhi suddenly, during the Gujarat assembly elections proclaimed himself as a Janeudhari Hindu Pandit. The way things are going it seems that the Congress would declare construction of Ram Mandir as one of their poll promise.

But Digvijay Singh is back to spoil their party. He said that the blasts during UPA era like Malegaon blast, Mecca Masjid blast, Samjhuata express and Dargah Sharif were carried out by people influenced with Sangh ideology. 

He is perpetuating the same lie again and again. In his recent book titled ‘Hindu Terror‘, it’s author RVS Mani has exposed the myth of Hindu Terror and also elaborated how the UPA government worked towards manufacturing the narrative of saffron terror. RVS Mani recalls an incident when the then Home Minister Shivraj Patil called him in his office for briefing on terrorist attacks. Two more people were also present there, Digvijay Singh and former Maharashtra IPS Hemant Karkare. As he began to share information about the terrorist, the other two members who were present in the office were ‘sad’ because the most number of terrorist attacks were carried out by the members of only one particular religion. Digvijay Singh was among those who pioneered fake Batla House Encounter theory. RVS Mani in his book, outlined the origin of Saffron terror theory and pivotal role played by Digvijay Singh who is spreading this fake manufactured theory. Not just Digvijay Singh but many other UPA ministers were involved in this task.


Now Congress seems to be facing another internal conflict among its own members which could have been easily avoided.


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