If it had been up to me, I would have killed all BJP members : Geniben Thakor’s speech causes uproar on Twitter


The country is gearing up for the condemnation of one of the darkest chapter of Indian democracy, the emergency. It was then when the Congress party made a mockery of India’s democracy. Forty-three years back, the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, imposed emergency on the midnight of 25 June 1975. During the time of emergency, fundamental rights of citizens were suspended, each and every voice of dissent and protest were brutally suppressed, all the constitutional bodies were forced to surrender before the government.  Electricity supply to newspaper publishing houses were also cut off. The opposition leaders were thrown behind bars and then tortured. Houses of people were demolished and forced sterilization campaign was carried out on the orders of Sanjay Gandhi. Those days were one of the saddest times of Indian history, a brutal display of power and arrogance.

Any sane mind would condemn the imposition of emergency but that would be like expecting too much from the Congress. Time and again Congress spokesperson have been seen justifying the emergency. 

Congress spokesperson justifies Indira imposed Emergency.

Now this time a Congress Gujarat MLA Geniben Thakor went one step ahead and said if it had been up to her, she would have killed all the BJP members and gone to jail. True colours and original mentality of the Congress is coming out. Congress is the same political party which creates huge uproar by screaming about intolerance whereas they were the one who behaved like a dictator in the past  and now this party has the audacity to call the incumbent government fascist. The mentality which the Congress leaders and its party MLAs poses is called fascist mentality, in fact even worse than that. The Congress is made up of morally bankrupt and fascist mentality people. They get promoted to higher ranks quickly because of this kind of publicity stunt speeches and acts. Power and arrogance have corrupted the head of the Congress MLA Geniben Thakor. It has been rightly said that “power tend to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

What’s more shocking is the stoic silence maintained by the Congress party and the media. Rahul Gandhi has still not spoken anything against such a shameless statement by his party MLA. Does he endorse such ridiculous statements? Why is the INC not taking any action against her? Why are they not asking for her resignation? All this only implies that they collectively support her statement.

The mainstream media is as silent as the dead. They are quick to make a mountain out of a molehill of any stupid statement given by any BJP madcap but they maintained a stoic silence on such a bizarre statement made by the Congress MLA. If this bizarre statement had been made by any BJP MLA then they would have played this for weeks, in fact they would have given it  a 24×7 coverage. If it was up to this hypocrite media then they would have probably killed all the BJP members and go to jail.


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