With Karnataka win, BJP looks set to to return in 2019.

karnataka bjp 2019

With the BJP gaining clout in Karnataka, things are looking bright for the party. Despite not getting the majority, BJP is hopeful to form the government in the state. From the BJP’s spectacular performance in Karnataka, one thing has become clearer that BJP is no more a ‘North India urban centre party’. The BJP has made deep inroads in rural areas of Karnataka as well as in the rural areas of other states. Modi government’s schemes such as Fasal Beema Yojana, Ujjawala scheme, neem coated urea etc have attracted the rural populace in the BJP fold.  BJP doing well in rural areas is a good omen for the party before 2019 Parliamentary elections.

The outcome of the Karnataka elections is definitely going to heavily impact the assembly polls due in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Mizoram. What has happened in Karnataka is not going to remain only in Karnataka. BJP with its splendid performance in Karnataka has already sent the message that it is way ahead than its rivals in the upcoming state elections this year. Karnataka elections can be seen as the stepping stone for the 2019 parliamentary elections. After another disappointing performance under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi would definitely make 2019 elections a direct showdown between him and the Gandhi scion. And the result would be just like what happened in Karnataka and other states, Congress losing badly under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. The poor performance of Congress in Karnataka elections would also make the Congress’ claim to be the leader of Maha-gathbandhan unconvincing, in case, if such an alliance ever materializes. Karnataka was one of the largest states where Congress was in power and it still couldn’t protect its own house, shows the weakness of Congress to challenge growing influence of the BJP and PM Modi.

These elections have also sent a very strong message to Congress that its divide and rule strategy is not going to work anymore. The country is united like never before. The Congress should also learn that an electoral victory should not come at the cost of unity and integrity of the country. Because of its divide and rule politics, today Congress in such a low position in a state which has been its strong bastion in South India. It should not be forgotten that Sonia Gandhi, in 1999, defeated Sushma Swaraj from Bellary. And before that in 1977, Indira Gandhi had made her comeback after contesting from Chikmagalur. Congress leader of the opposition, Mallikarjun Kharge also comes from the Karnataka’s Gulbarga district.

Karnataka is also known as the gateway to South Indian politics. BJP’s magnificent performance would help BJP to spread its wings in other states of South India. This performance has also established another fact that now BJP is a mass-support based party which enjoys the support of people across the communities and regions. PM Modi has turned the waves in BJP’s favour. These elections have also increased his stature and popularity. Not just PM Modi, CM Yogi also emerged as a firebrand star campaigner for BJP. He enjoyed mass crowd support in his rallies and has significantly altered the eventual outcome of the results in a positive manner for the BJP. Now they will have to deal with a three-pronged attack- PM Modi, CM Yogi and Amit Shah. Amit Shah once again proved his astuteness in electoral strategy.  These elections have just proved once more a long established and long denied fact by the opposition parties- The Modi Wave. The Modi Wave is just getting more and more intense state after state and election after election. However, opposition parties still deny that there is any such thing as Modi Wave. Their ignorance has served as a boon for the BJP. Everything is going well for the BJP and it is safe to assume that BJP is going to come to power again in 2019 and Congress should start preparing for 2024.


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