Congress leader Dinesh Rao apologises after saying Yogi should be beaten with slippers

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Politics has become a place for thugs and muscle men, and it should thus be avoided- we have all heard this rather cautionary remark made by our elders. But occasionally, there comes an incident when their caution proves to be prophetic. Karnataka Congress Working President Dinesh Gunda Rao proved himself to be the perfect example of politicians who have no respect for democratic principles when he remarked – “This man from Uttar Pradesh who comes to Karnataka to deliver lectures is not a Yogi. He is a hypocrite, a liar and a thug. He should not be allowed to enter Karnataka…”, he further added, “In case Yogi Adityanath, no, there is no need to call him Yogi. He is Bhogi Adiyanath. If he comes to Karnataka, he should be beaten up with slippers and sent back.” It’s one thing to use political rhetoric, and another to deliver speeches which are instigating and promoting violence against a democratically elected Chief Minister of a state.

What is perhaps more telling of Mr. Rao’s mentality is his choice of venue to spew such hatred. The Karnataka Congress had organized a candle light march in solidarity with the victims of the recent Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir rapes. Only a human devoid of an iota of dignity and humanity, whose only motive is to gain political expediency out of a tragedy, would use such a platform to promote political hooliganism.

The Karnataka BJP came out in protest, with Karnataka BJP president BS Yeddyurappa reminding Rao that Yogi Aditya nath is a “revered saint of Nath tradition”, and that one who does not know how to talk about a saint does ‘not deserve to be in public life’. Yeddyurappa is right in pointing out that Yogi Aditya Nath is the Mahanta of Gorakhnath Math and is respected throughout the Natha Panth. He is representative of an institution whose history dates back to even before 14th century when it was destroyed by the invading army of Alauddin Khilji.

The Gorakhnath Math is not merely a source of Hindu pride and tradition, and by insulting the Mahanta of that Math, Mr. Rao has insulted the entire Hindu community. Karnataka BJP tweeted – “What were you thinking when you said Yogi Adityanath must be beaten with chappals? Hindu-Vokkaligas of K’taka hold him in high regard. You have insulted the entire community with your heinous comments!”

Rao later stated that ‘calling for him to be hit with slippers’ was am emotional outburst and he apologised for insulting Yogi Aditya Nath. The decision was perhaps prompted by the BJP Karnatak’s tweet, in which they mentioned the Vokkaligas , who are the second largest community in Karnataka after the Lingyats. Thus, he was under tremendous pressure form within his party to apologise as it would further deciminate their chances of getting the Hindu vote in Karnataka.

The apology which read – “I should not have said so. It is wrong. All I said was just show him (Yogi Adityanath) slippers. I did not say slap him with slippers. It was not a scripted statement. In a fit of anger I said so. I was wrong.”

All of this is not an apology, it is merely a last ditch ploy by the Karnataka Congress to salvage the ship which has already capsized. This remark will come back to haunt them in the coming elections. No longer will this hatred for Hindus be tolerated by the people of Karnataka and as for people like Mr.Rao, they will realize that in a democracy, excluding one section of the populous can have massive consequences.


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