Lies of Janta ka Reporter and Khalid Mahmood exposed.

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Several media outlets, particularly those having an anti-Modi agenda, have used the Kathua gang rape case for cornering the BJP and Prime Minister Modi. However, “Janta ka Report”, a media outlet which allegedly caters to certain vested political interests, has stooped down to a new low in advancing its anti-Modi agenda. It has interviewed a British MP of Pakistani (PoK) origin whose hatred towards India and Hindus is well known. The object of the interview was to directly blame Prime Minister Modi for the Kathua rape case in order to set a narrative.

In the interview Khalid Mahmood tried to go after Modi with all his might, and it seemed as if the interview was carried out only with the agenda of maligning Prime Minister Modi. During the course of the interview, Mahmood stated that Prime Minister Modi should not be treated with respect when he visits the United Kingdom again. Khalid Mahmood went a step ahead and gave vent to his typical anti-India sentiments. He went on to allege that India only claims to be the biggest democracy in the world but that is a farce. Ironically, someone who hails from Pakistan went on to state that there is no rule of law in India and that things like rule of law, transparency and accountability are alien to India.

In fact, Khalid Mahmood belongs to the group of Pakistani origin MPs who have been elected to the House of Commons. It is common knowledge that this group of Pakistani origin MPs usually gang up in order to malign India and take a pro-Pakistan stand on the Kashmir issue. They paint India and its security forces as the villains for the Kashmir issue and ignore the role of terrorists manufactured and nurtured on Pakistan soil. Khalid Mahmood has a dubious record and has stated in the past that Saudi Arabia’s human rights record is better than India. In a debate in January this year, he spoke in the language of a Pakistani diplomat or politician and tried to portray India as the culprit for the Kashmir conflict. Without even making a mention of how Pakistan has been responsible for disturbances and terrorism in the valley he sought to put the blame entirely on India.

The controversial MP who has been proudly interviewed by Janta Ka Reporter has also been involved in a scandal. As per the leaked expenses scandal, in which the details of expenses by British parliamentarians was accidentally leaked, it was reported that Khalid Mahmood had claimed 1,350 Pounds for a stay with his girlfriend in one of London’s most expensive and premier hotels.

Janta Ka Reporter has set a new low in journalism by interviewing a scandalous, anti-India British MP of Pakistani origin just to advance an agenda. The object behind the interview was only to press the anti-Modi agenda that Janta Ka Reporter openly espouses. However, ideology must be kept aside in such serious issues. Janta Ka Reporter has also tried to mislead the readers by stating that Khalid Mahmood is of “Kashmiri origin”. There has been a clear attempt to disguise the Pakistani allegiance of the MP so that the readers are not able to go into the inherent bias that Khalid Mahmood carries against India and Prime Minister Modi. The politician-media-intelligentsia nexus was always out in the open but Janta Ka Reporter has gone even further by joining hands with anti-India Pakistani origin elements to advance an agenda.


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