Audrey Truschke is a racist, hateful, bigoted propagandist, not a ‘historian’.

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Audrey Truschke, part-time scholar and full time propagandist, took to twitter recently to spread another of her insidious lies against the Hindu faith. She stated that Sita Mata told Shri Ram that he was a ‘misogynist pig’ and ‘uncouth’. She couldn’t provide any authentic source for the outrageous and defamatory claims she made and resorted to playing the victim card when Twitter users confronted her on the matter. It is not the first time that Audrey, the holocaust denier who is infamous for her blatant attempt to whitewash the genocidal maniac Aurangzeb, has spread canards against the Hindu faith. @TrueIndology has on various occasions busted her lies and left her embarrassed on the social media platform.

It is a sad sign of our times that our intelligentsia is more than eager to lap up Audrey’s lies without any scrutiny. Uttam Sengupta, the Executive Editor at National Herald, the mouthpiece of the Congress party, invited Audrey Truschke for an interview and stated that he will be ‘delighted’ to have lunch with her. The heavily westernized intellectual elite, as a natural consequence of Nehruvian politics, has abandoned all manner of integrity in pursuit of gaining some sort of legitimacy from malicious western scholars who have made it their agenda to denigrate the Hindu faith and distort Indian history to serve their own agenda.

Hindol Sengupta,a renowned author, has slammed the petty scholar for her lies on Sita Mata and Shri Ram. He has called her out for her white supremacist views and asserted that the lies she spreads against Hindu Gods stems from her supremacist views against people of colour. Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey where Audrey Truschke is a profession, has also come under fire. The university has been accused of providing cover to racist Hinduphobes under the garb of academia. Twitter has also come under fire for not suspending the account of Audrey for spreading malicious lies against Hindu Gods while the platform liberally blocks and suspends people for the faintest criticism of a particular religion.



Audrey Truschke had earlier come under severe criticism for trying to rewrite the history of Aurangzeb to paint him as a noble, secular, benevolent monarch. She has tried to brand everyone who disagrees with her as a hateful bigot. Consistent with her nauseating love for Aurangzeb, she has now resorted to denigrating Hindu Gods and Goddesses for her agenda. She is the latest in a long list of Hinduphobic ‘scholars’ who have made every possible attempt to denigrate the faith of the Hindus and whitewash the million sins of the Mughals.

It is unclear whether Rutgers University will take any action against Audrey Truschke for spreading lies against the Gods of people of colour and hurting their religious sentiments out of her racist inclinations. Academics in the US have been fired for much less. Refusal to take any action against her by the University will clearly expose their hypocritical stance regarding racism. If not for maligning the dignity of Hindu Gods, Audrey should surely face the consequences of continuously spreading lies through what she claims is her academic work. If she doesn’t, it will only serve to further degrade the already much deteriorated stature of Humanities which has come to be regarded by many as not a valid branch of objective academia but an exercise in political propaganda.


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