Chetan Cheetah is back, his recovery is simply miraculous

chetan cheetah

The valour of Indian soldiers has been demonstrated time and again, and that of Officer Chetan Cheetah has been of a different caliber. After a fierce gun battle, the commander was severely injured, losing his eye and slipping into a coma. The terrorists had pumped nine bullets into his body, and the brave-heart fought valiantly to make a splendid comeback.

Today, on his road to recovery, Chetan Cheetah has resumed his duty as a commander in the force headquarters in Delhi.

What really happened?

On February 14, 2017, the Indian army was conducting search operations in the Bandipur area of Northern Kashmir when they encountered a terrorist hiding inside. In the fierce gun-battle that ensued, commanding officer of the 45th Battalion of the CRPF Chetan Cheetah faced the terrorists and in the midst of this process, he was severely injured. He suffered bullet injures to the brain, the right eye, the abdomen, both arms, the left hand and his hip. The officer had lost consciousness for about one and a half months before regaining it again. What followed was an inspirational story of patriotic fervor and an indomitable bravery.

Road to recovery and accolades

His effort to pin down the terrorists was followed by his zeal to recover and get back to his feet. After coming out from his coma, he took almost a year to recover after being discharged from AIIMS. He kept calling his officers wanting to join back, and finally resumed duties to everyone’s surprise. The officials believe that he will take another year to completely recover and join combat duties. Till then, he will focus on administrative work.

Extensively undergoing physiotherapy to recover sensation of his injured hand, Chetan Cheetah received several accolades for his devotional attitude to the nation. He was praised extensively by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh and the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat. He also has been awarded with the prestigious Kirti Chakra, the second highest peacetime gallantry meda,l last Independence Day. Even before resuming his duty, he gave motivational speeches at the CRPF academy at Mount Abu to fellow personnel. Chetan Cheetah believes the youngsters ought to give their hundred percent to the nation, and his resolve will be an inspiration to this. Not just in combat areas, Officer Cheetah is also known for his fierce words and opinions with respect to especially to the Kashmir issue. He has reiterated several times on his road to recovery that the “military solution to Kashmir can be the only solution to Kashmir’s problem”. Perhaps his stance pertaining to this issue has reflected in his selfless service and supreme sacrifice for the nation.

Officer Cheetah’s long term goal is to get a posting in the combat zones of Naxal affected areas, and he is zealously working towards that goal. Despite his family being worried, his returning to the army fold has once again demonstrated fierce commitment by the Armed Forces to serve the country. This will not only rattle terrorists on the field but will also serve as a shining example for the young paramilitary brigade, to further raise their morale and emulate Chetan Cheetah ‘s exceptional bravery.


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