Ayodhya Railway Station to be an exact replica of Shri Ram Temple

Temple Station Ayodhya

In what can be termed as a bold and assertive measure towards the cause of the Ram Janmabhoomi Complex, the Minister of state for Railways, Mr. Manoj Sinha took part in the reconstruction of the Ayodhya railway station. In an address to both the common masses and the media post the reconstruction ceremony, Mr. Sinha declared that the reconstructed railway station will be an exact replica of the designated temple, dedicated to Lord Ram, that is awaiting the decision from the Supreme Court.

To quote Mr. Sinha, “The citizens of Ayodhya and nearby should keep in mind that in the way the temple envisaged for Shri Ram would be constructed, the same would reflect in the renovated railway station of Ayodhya.”

Mr. Sinha further announced that out of the 200 crore rupees announced for the station, 80 crore will be spent on remodeling the same. The renovated station will have all the modern facilities, such as escalators, elevators etc. He further added, ‘……. the remaining Rs. 120 crore would be spent on shifting the railway goods warehouse in Ayodhya. Both these projects should be finished by 2021, he said. He added that Rs 1,116 crore was being spent on double-tracking and electrification of the Faizabad-Barabanki rail route and that this work should be complete by 2022.”

Mr. Sinha has announced that the Railway Ministry will soon be submitting a proposal for the same to the Union Cabinet, which certifies that Mr. Piyush Goyal, the Minister of Railways, has also more or less given his nod for the same. To quote Mr. Sinha, ‘The government is concerned about connecting Ayodhya through rail to the entire country so that Ram Bhakts can visit the place.’

To be truthful, even though the renovation of Ayodhya railway station and remodeling of it as a replica of the Ram Temple is more symbolic in nature, will send a clear message that the BJP is as committed to this issue as it claims to.

The Ram Janmabhoomi issue has been the life and soul of BJP, who had rose to prominence banking on this very issue. The party’s sole aim is to give Shri Ram his due honor at his birthplace. Though the case has been dragging on for years, especially due to some vested interests who don’t wish to see peace returning to this reign, the Ram Janmabhoomi complex is a symbol of not just spiritual victory, but national pride, if it is made.

Ever since BJP has stormed back into power, it has slowly but steadily started paving way for the reconstruction of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple. Be it the proposal of installing an 100 Meter Shri Ram Statue in Ayodhya, or reorganizing the Ramleela in Ayodhya after years, or the PM visiting Ayodhya, or even the CM overseeing a huge makeover of the city during Diwali. Yogi Adityanath’s recent remark about why he celebrated Holi and Diwali and not Eid, can also be a seen as a strong message.

But all these outwardly measures can only buy BJP some time, what people really want is an actual Ram Mandir. But announcement of the roadmap for the renovation of Ayodhya’s railway station and remodeling of it as a replica of the Ram Temple, is a welcome step and it should be welcomed by one and all.


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