Nalapad Bail Case: Out of bounds for the Media

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Vidvath a 24years old youth who was dining with his friend was brutally assaulted by Mohammed Harris Nalapad, a Congress MLA’s son recently in a restaurant in Bengaluru’s UB city. Apparently Nalapad and his gang objected to the way Vidvath was sitting with his fractured leg. An altercation broke out after Vidvat expressed his inability to move away his fractured leg which led to an irked power drunk Nalapad and his gang so much that it almost cost Vidvat his life. His bandaged leg was such an unbearable obscenity to Mohammed Nalapad, that he and his gang assaulted him with bottles, jars and brass knuckles. It is anybody’s guess as to why an MLA’s son and his goon gang would carry brass knuckles to dine at a hotel unless they are habitual offenders used to terrorizing people with their power. After thrashing him in the hotel they assaulted Vidvat yet again in the basement a second time only to follow him to Mallya hospital too where they allegedly assaulted and threatened him against filing any complaint.

Vidvath is currently suffering in ICU with fatal injuries to his nose, skull and 11 ribs broken. He is currently unable to pronounce words properly to even give a police statement. The doctors have requested the police to visit at a later date when his condition improves. Such is the vegetative state of the victim but the police instead of chasing the accused Nalapad and arresting him from the dens of political arrogance had chosen to wait upon him to surrender at his will.

After a 40hour political calculation, Mohammed Harris Nalapad had finally surrendered to the police. The turnout of the whole surrender melodrama as reported by media journalists on ground suggested that the police were not in hot pursuit of nabbing him but seemed to be hosting a hearty and honorable welcome. Many media journalists from ground have alleged that the Police deliberately allowed large mobs mostly Nalapad’s supporters to gather and watched mutedly when the crowds assaulted and heckled and chased media persons.

As if this was not enough the police even asked the journos to leave for their own safety. The journos have complained to the DCP for inaction by the police to maintain law and order during the arrest saga.

And now even the Nalapad bail case has been out of bounds for the media. As per this OneIndia report, media persons were not allowed to cover the bail proceedings of Mohammad Haris Nalapad, who is accused of assaulting a person at a pub in Bengaluru. Media were denied entry into the 62nd court hall in the city civil and sessions court. Security was cited as the reason.

If these reports are true, then it is a shame that the police force is reduced to nothing more than uniformed slaves under their kleptocratic lords of polity.

There have been reports suggesting that Vidvat could be shifted to Singapore, for better treatment or better amnesia we do not know as Siddaramaiah’s attempt to persuade Loganathan, the father of Vidvath against opposing the bail petition of Nalapad has failed. The grieving father is too numbed to succumb to fright politics when the family has already witnessed the dreadful. But the fact that the head of the state chose to persuade and protect his political goon colleague over social justice to the victim’s family even during an election hour is telling of the fact that there is neither any intent nor any posturing left to at least pretend to serve the people. But one thing is clear, amidst the many subversions of the submerging polity of polarized populism only thing left is the display of disillusioned democracy.


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