If you think that the British have fallen, and they don’t wield any power in India now, you are mistaken

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It is true that the miseries inflicted by the Muslim invaders who conquered and brutalized India cannot be condoned off without acknowledgment in history but under whose guidance was our history written, was it the Moghuls themselves or was it the British in connivance with the Moghul sympathizing anti-Hindu scholars who glorified the gory acts of the Moghuls? Who white washed the Muslim/British invasions and weaved an Aryan invasion theory to digress from the Moghul invasions and British brutalities? The priestly class who came in the way of British dominance were quickly demonized as Aryans and branded as castiest outsiders whenever they spoke about the Moghul invasions or the British misrule and conversions.

The British that replaced the Moghuls had very well understood the political equations of the fragile social fabric in the Indian society to keep their dominant heads above all. All it needed was the smallest flare of religion or caste or language to keep the communities baying for each other’s blood.

As a matter of fact even the partition of India based on religion was Tomfoolery of both Hindus and Muslims because the British very well knew that a land area as Pakistan could never accommodate an entire Muslim population that was present in all of undivided India, nor was Jinnah or his Muslim League so invincibly strong that the British could not overpower or manipulate them.

The whole rhetoric of the British submitting to an obstinate Jinnah and his demand for a separate Muslim nation is eyewash because the British could swat him like a mosquito if they willed. But the British deliberately allowed the partition to happen.

The British left India, not because of non-violent convulsions for freedom but largely because of their own financial constraints as they had burnt their hands investing in the world wars.

They had to quickly take stock of an England that was plagued in penury after the world wars and had to safeguard the enormous loot they had taken from India until they stabilized. But just before leaving they wanted to make sure that their slaves continued to salute them and be dependent on them forever so as to keep their economic channels open. Also they were in no mood to administrate an India that was raging with rebellious voices of freedom amidst famine starved farmers and the frantic calls of Hindu-Muslim aggressions by the Muslim League.

They knew they could leverage this religious hatred for their divide and rule policy which is still reaping them golden eggs of civil unrests. Although the British kept proclaiming that they were departing India in a mature and friendly way as they cared for her unity and wellbeing, the truth is that Mountbatten had deliberately hastened the partition with an ill-conceived line of control drawn, dividing the prosperous and powerful Sikh stronghold _ the Punjab into two halves that would bog down the roaring Sikhs into struggling silence. The British had withdrawn most of their armed forces just before partition when they were fully aware of the large scale violence that would descend at the outbreak of partition but so did Jinnah and Nehru who celebrated Independence over the death of millions of people! As a matter of fact Mountbatten was sent in April 1947 to replace Viceroy Wavell who could not take stock of the situation.

The last Viceroy the grandson of queen Victoria had come with a plan called ‘Operation Seduction’ where it was pre-planned how to cajole vulnerable power hungry members of the Congress and Muslim League to get them to accept what the British proposed. The freedom of India was negotiated like in a vegetable market bargaining which states went to which dominion, as the British had agreed to declare India’s independence if she agreed to be a dominion of Britain which meant that India whether divided or undivided would remain under their protectorate (Of course India broke the ties and became a Republic in 1950).

But in just 5 months’ time Mr and Mrs Mountbatten had seduced Nehru and bargained hard with Patel to agree to a partition and handed over Pakistan on a platter to Jinnah, to which Pakistan would remain eternally indebted to its western masters. It is for this reason that even today Ex-Presidents or activists of Pakistan run up to London for an exile of a holiday. The British were always more sympathetic to the Muslims, the reason for which could be many _ they both had ruled over Hindus; they both came from outside and had a common reverence to Jerusalem. But what the Indian Muslim did not know or till date refuses to acknowledge is that he had been converted by the sword and that the Muslim’s entity in Jerusalem was limited to being a guard and never the priest, as Romans have always used them as soldiers for geographic expansion and economic controls by inflicting them as termites in a tree, the Rohingyas or any other refugee crisis in the geo-politics today reaffirms their strategy. If only the Indian Muslims could see beyond religion!

Today an Owaisi is boasting about taking oath in Urdu but during partition it was quiet strange to see that Jinnah who did not know how to read or write in Urdu and was more fluent in Gujarathi, a Jinnah who announced the formation of Pakistan on AIR in English where another person had to translate his words in Urdu to his Muslim followers, a Jinnah whose grand fathers were Hindus, a Jinnah who once propagated Hindu Muslim unity in his initial days in politics only to be let down by the likes of Nehru in Congress, now had shed his linen suits to suit his Islamic narrative and stood tall as the sculptor of an Islamic state, that state whose dusty paths he repelled!

Nehru was an impressionable mind who sought imperial interventions as a regal recourse for all his problems ever since the new Viceroy had opened the Viceregal study doors to Nehru and had made him feel that he was the most important man in Indian politics! Gandhi and Nehru in their enthusiasm had proposed that Mountbatten continue as the viceroy which he did oblige by staying back for some time.

Here is an interesting excerpt from the Himalayan Blunder by Brigadier John Dalvi _

The Kashmir War was a strange war. The two sides were led by British Commanders-in-chief, General Boucher of the Indian Army and General Gracey of the Pakistan Army. They had access to each other and were reported to have held talks every evening to discuss the day’s events”.

Jinnah and Nehru were useful pawns as both of them nurtured similar interests of wielding power no matter what! There was nothing Islamic in Jinnah’s western obedience and there was nothing Hindu about Nehru’s secular India. India Pakistan was carved out to be living like US Canada relations but today both nations continue to seek interventions in the UN! The white man has achieved what he wanted it is just that during the British era the powers rested in 10 Downing Street but now in the 21 century the imperial powers rest in 10 Janpath.

The East India Company’s merchants and sailors have been replaced by soul harvesting missionaries and ambassadors of peace and religious rabbis who come in all shapes and colors, sometimes even packaged in beards and caps in the form of Owaisis and Zakir Naiks and John Dayals or as Dalit saints like Siddaramaiah who gets his commands from the same 10 JP that gets its instruction from 10 Downing Street.

If you thought that the UK(they have spread out now) economy is fallen and that small island of a country does not wield any power today then you should introspect why a nobody like Owaisi or a John Dayal or a Shabnam Lone is given space on prime time debates.

You should understand why and what it takes a Congress to bear the bane of Rahul Gandhi for their president and why does this 45 year old man stick his nose everywhere inspite of the ignominy of continued ridicule and shame?

An India rising unitedly is always an economic threat that would diminish their hegemony hence civil unrest and Hindu-Muslim divide is a must have policy but how do they antagonize the otherwise calm and peaceful Hindus, of course, by blatantly instigating religious hatred by unabashedly sidelining the Hindus and siding by the Muslims to wreck the social fabric of India. Until this truth dawns on every Indian and unless some bold constitutional steps like UCC aren’t taken there will be Aahutis of Paresh Meshtas under Asuras like Siddaramaiah!


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