No! You CAN NOT Mock a CM in India

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Bala should be arrested. Not only arrested, but imprisoned for life. He deserves it. How dare he compare the District Collector, Chief of Police of Nellai (Thirunelveli) and the man whom the people of Tamilnadu trusted with their fate Mr E Palaniswami, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu with a Sanyasi who wares wealth as a patched cloth?

The trinity whom he made light in the cartoon in fact represent the might of the state. So what if a poor family burnt themselves to death? Why have they taken loan from the designated ‘Loan Shark’ in the first place? After entering the web of greedy loan spider, how did they expect to come out of it – alive? Fools. Utter foolishness of this family was exposed when they expected the Government help them to come out of the loan whirlpool. 

And Bala tried to express his anguish at the death of these fools by making a cartoon. He is a bigger fool. Doesn’t he know that Government officials won’t support the family? Even so, if he wanted to criticise the government, he should have shown the powerful trinity fully dressed in Khakis, three piece suits and Silk Veshtis (Dhoti). 

How dare he to portray them covering their private parts with money? Does he know by portraying them donning ‘Komanam’ he was really insulting the Sanyasi, who simply would not care whether they wore something or not? [Komanam – Tamil; Kaupeenam – Sanskrit; Loin Cloth – English]

Adi Sankara wrote a poem elaborating the significance of the Komanam/Kaupeenam. It is called Kaupeena Panchakam and describes the virtues of Sanyasi. In the third line of second shloka, it is said “Blessed are those who treat wealth as patched clothes”. The Sanyasi who dons only Kaupeenam begs for his survival. He eats less and occupies himself only with the churning thoughts of Brahman and considers himself the same. 

By equating the powerful trinity with such great Sanyasis, Bala had really committed a heinous crime.

Already real Sanyasis are scarce. Most of the Sadhus and Babas we see are draped in Silks, don glittering golden ornaments and lead a lavish life. These people who have chosen their career as Sadhus/Babas (the wisest choice considering the money they make) have already threatened the survival and existence of real Sadhus. Now, Bala was trying to put the officials and politicians too in this category. What would happen to real Sanyasis? 

The collector of Tirunelveli had taken it upon himself to represent the Sanyasis. Of course, he could not represent the poor, foolish family that committed suicide. He realised in his moment of Nirvana, it is his duty to support the Sanyasis, who would never seek his help instead of the poor who continuously knock on his door for help. So, the step to prevent defaming real Sanyasis by showing officials and politicians dressed in loin-cloth.

Way to go Sir. I am with you. File many more cases against the cartoonist and torture him. Torture him till he accepts he will never repeat the mistake of portraying anyone in Komanam.

Meanwhile, Stalin accused Palaniswami for orchestrating the arrest of Bala only to get national level coverage. Why not!


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