A New Disease is Destroying Nations all over the World, You Could be Infected too

Shwe Eain Si

A new type of epidemic is spreading thought the world. This epidemic is more malignant than cancer, it kills the nation slowly from within and if proper steps are not taken to eradicate this disease, in time most of the nations will fall. Thanks to the Liberals, Leftists and the trigger-happy media hell bent on portraying the right-wing governments as demons this cancer which initially was endemic to Europe and America has begun to spread in Asia. This is especially prevalent in countries where a right-wing party is in power or where a particular minority community is supposedly oppressed.

I think you might know what is the name of this disease. Can you guess it? Ok let me give you an example.

  • Go to a public place in Kerala or West Bengal and shout ‘’Mandir wahi Banayenge’’ you will be hacked to death or lynched to death depending on where you have shouted.
  • Now try shouting ‘’ We need to welcome the Rohingyas,” you will be made to sit on a throne, you will become the champion of minority rights, you will become a Twitter superstar.

You might have guessed the name of this disease by now? Or you might wonder why am I giving hypothetical examples. Ok let me give you some real examples now.

  • Throughout US councils and organisations, any term using the word ‘man’ as a prefix or suffix have been ruled as not being politically correct. ‘Manhole’ is now referred to as a ‘utility’ or ‘maintenance’ hole.
  • Europe now has a ‘holiday tree’ every Christmas, not a Christmas tree.

Now let’s look at examples close to home.

  • Students in a school in Patna were punished for tying Rakhi and wearing Mehndi.
  • No Durga idol immersion on Oct 1 to avoid clash with Muharram: Mamata Banerjee’s Failed Diktat
  • Poor animals will be harmed during Diwali, so I am celebrating a green Diwali.

*One has to wonder why do the liberals worry about animals getting harmed on Diwali if they savour them on Eid?

Come on did you guess the name of the disease?

Still, NO?

Ok one more clue.

Just recently Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi, was stripped of her Freedom of Oxford honour by Oxford Council. The Council argued that Aung San Suu Kyi’s inaction against the atrocities on Rohigynas.

Aung San Suu Kyi didn’t give a damn, she as a true leader is worried more about her country than an award given to her by Oxford Council. The Oxford Council members accused Aung San Suu Kyi of violating minority rights but the same Oxford Council members voted for a Brexit.

This disease is synonymous with hypocrisy.

Did you guess it?

Ok last chance.

Immediately after the incident Burmese beauty queen Shwe Eain Si says she was stripped of her pageant title after posting a video accusing Muslim Rohingya militants of driving communal violence in Rakhine State. In her Facebook post she accused the Rohingya terrorists of leading a false campaign to trick the world into thinking they are the oppressed. Shwe Eain Si said that the Media Group Hello Madam didn’t even have the courtesy to inform her before dethroning her.

The Hello Madam Media Group declared that Shwe Eain Si had been stripped of her title for breaching contract rules which incl

udes, exhibiting conducts not suitable for a pageant contestant, including a failure to provide a proof of education and a lack of preparation for a trip to Vietnam.

Did you wonder who creates these rules that say which is the correct code of conduct?

Shwe Eain Si claims that the only reason she was dethroned was the fact that she posted the video online. She said that Hello Madam Media Group could have informed her by telephone or email if some particulars were missing. She also said that she is a professional and the company accusing her that I am not ready for the beauty pageant and I am not doing things in the right order is not an excuse to tripped of her pageant title.

Shwe Eain Si said that even before this controversy broke out, she received death threats online for representing Myanmar. She criticised the international community of falling for agendas of people batting for Rohingyas and ignoring the other side, explaining that both sides need to be heard out to truly understand the problem.

The Hello Madam Media Group however rejected the claims made by the beauty pageant and to add insult to injury said that the video posted is good but it would have been better if it was filmed more completely indirectly accusing Shwe Eain Si of posting incomplete video which is resulting in communal tensions.

This disease is now slowly spreading from politics to modelling contests. Wonder why? This disease won’t really affect strong politicians like Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladmir Putin, Donald Trump, Aung San Suu Kyi etc to name a few who are sincere towards their respective countries. Since the politician is unaffected, this disease spreads towards models, actors, news anchors, writers and other professions with public reach just so that this disease lives in minds and memories waiting for the correct time to strike.

Can you guess it? Ok this cancer is known as political correctness.

Now If you are thinking -Is political correctness is really that bad? Congratulations, you might be suffering from this disease.


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