Finally! 2 Big Advances of BJP in Kerala that has left CPIM Very Nervous

cpim yogi kerala

This is the sea beach of Kannur, which bears the marks of the decades-long impact of CPIM on the state of Kerala.cpim yogi kerala

The politics of Kerala is heavily influenced by Communist Ideology due to the continuous rule of CPIM in every alternative tenure. This, has greatly impacted the society and culture of Kerala and the champions of Indian secularism always quote the state as an example to describe what secularism is. For example, the ex-Chief Justice of India, Mr. Markandeya Katju, who once mocked Odisha and its people in one of his regressive Social Media posts, called Kerala a microcosm of pluralist India and Keralites the real Indians.

Kerala has 46% non-Hindus, which include 28% Muslims and 18% Christians. In such a multi-cultural society, politicians tend to ignore (Even tacitly support) numerous anti-Hindu activities like Love-Jihad which even the Supreme Court admitted recently, forced and manipulated conversions, human trafficking of both women and children, threat to destroy Hindu temples like Guruvayur Shri Krishna temple, attempt of attack on Hindu temples, destroying idols in Banapuram temple, etc. The blockade of Narayan temple in Mallapuram in Kerala that was inspired by the Muslim League and other Muslim outfit of Kerala, or the murder of 8 Hindus by a Muslim mob at Marad in 2005, prove that Kerala has been at the top of communal violence.

Though secularism is revered as a divine philosophy in Kerala, the state enjoys the status of being the most dangerous state, has highest riot-rate and most political murders in its name. The forceful and manipulative conversions are rampart. A Church even tried to “baptize” an elephant, though the Church authorities denied it later.cpim yogi kerala

As a vulgar display of FoE, communists were slaughtering cows and arranging beef parties outside colleges, Town Halls, roads, streets, bus stands and other public places without caring about a devout Hindu’s sentiments. The secular Youth Congress activists killed a calf in public with cruelty, made a video of the slaughter and cooked beef to arrange a party. The secular politicians of Kerala, who always demand to put a ban on RSS, do not demand any action against PFI and its sister group SDFI. These groups are involved in various anti-India and anti-Hindu activities like recruiting ISIS militants, carrying out Love Jihad, attempt to abduct Hindu girls, threatening to sell Hindu girl to ISIS, arranging training camps for extremist activities, etc. Even our former Vice President Mr. Hamid Ansari, who thought that Muslims are in danger in India, attended an event organized by these radical groups few weeks ago.

The anti-Hindu mindset of Kerala politics has made BJP popular among Kerala Hindus.

Recently, the master strategist of BJP, Mr. Amit Shah visited Kerala. He prayed in the Rajarajeswara temple in Kannur and flagged off the massive “Janraksha rally” against the Left Front, which accused Kerala parties of “red terrorism”. Warning the Left Front for its violent politics, Amit Shah warned the leftist camp that it has to pay for the murders of 120 BJP cadres since 2001, 80 from Kannur alone. 14 of these cadres were from the home town of Kerala CM, Mr. Vijayan. Amit Shah gave full credit to CPIM for giving birth to the culture of political violence in India.cpim yogi kerala

Before CPIM could recover from Amit Shah’s assault that Yogi Adityanath arrived in Kerala.

Greeted by a massive rally, Yogi proved that he is a big crowd-magnet. The people of the most secular state of India gathered to see the most controversial political leader of 2017. Someone who wears his Hindutva identity on his sleeve.cpim yogi kerala

Lambasting at the CPIM, the CM of UP brought out the issues of Love Jihad and tore into the Left Brigade for showing no willingness to stop it.

“The High Court in the state had given instructions to the state. Now the Supreme Court too has observed through various judgements that love jihad exists in Kerala and Karnataka,” Adityanath said, adding, “Kerala (government) has not taken any effective measure to contain it.” The accusation of Yogi Adityanath seems true, since the Kerala government told the Supreme Court that there is no need for NIA probe in Hadiya Love Jihad case.cpim yogi kerala

Reeling under the shock of Yogi’s presence in Kerala, Kerala CM invited Yogi to visit Kerala hospitals to learn how they treat patients. This was rather ironic because three hospitals in Kerala denied treatment to Tamil patients. Hitting back at the Kerala CM, Yogi said that Kerala hospitals can learn a lot from UP hospitals, claiming that 300 people have died from Dengue in Kerala and many others died from Chikungunya. Yogi also reminded the Kerala CM, that more than 20 people have died in his own district, which proves that the murderers are given protection.

The massive support for BJP has been a gradual process, a slow but steady process. The rise of Hindu groups like RSS, VHP and BJP took years to form in Kerala. The BJP changed its strategy. The BJP, RSS and VHP joined hands with other Hindu groups like Kshetra Samrakshana Samiti (KSS or Temple Protection Committee), Balasadanams (for very young children), Ekal Vidyalayas. The forerunner of this strategy was Kummanam Rajasekaran, the current state BJP president. He revived BJP in Kerala and united the Hindu groups. In 2015, fearing that Hindu cadres of CPIM may attend Janmastami celebration organized by BJP and RSS, the communist groups like CPIM and DYFI organized Janmastami celebration of their own where children dressed in Krishna’s outfit carried placards showing Karl Marx. cpim yogi kerala

cpim yogi kerala

In an attempt to mimic RSS-BJP-VHP’s religion-centric celebrations, the left camp left itself embarrassed when many within the party questioned this shocking decision taken by the higher authorities. In 2016, they arranged for “Sobha Yatra” to counter BJP’s Krishna Jayanti procession on the day of Janmastami.

With the rise of RSS, Hindus in Kerala saw a new hope. Festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, which were alien to Kerala, made their way in to the list of festivals in Kerala. BJP fared  remarkably well in Kerala civic polls in 2015. It won its first assembly seat in Kerala assembly election in 2016 and remained on the second spot in as many as 7 seats. During the local body polls in 2017, BJP emerged as the second largest party acquiring 3 out of 15 seats. BJP won the by-election in the Thevally division of Kollam City Corporation Council.

BJP is mounting a tough challenge to CPIM , and yes Saffron Flowers are slowly  blossoming in the traditional red bastion of the Communists.


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