Raksha Bandhan doesn’t indicate patriarchal mindset, It is a celebration of togetherness


Raksha bandhan or simply put Rakhi is a sweet tradition which is a part of the Hindu culture. It is a way of strengthening the bonds of sister and brotherhood who in today’s times are frequently far away and the symbol of Rakhsha bandhan evokes a sense of belonging, the emotional bond, the friendship and the the sweet bitter relationship that we all have. This festival is a part of our Sanskriti which celebrates the relationship of brother and sister, an idea which is foreign to western civilisation.

The notion that it indicates a patriarchal mindset with men being stronger and women weaker stems from the misconstrued understanding in the first place or a wilful overlooking of facts as it does not support the mindset of the feminazis, marxists and apologists alike, as we all know that burkha can be a choice but Rakhi! Oh no!! Not at all!!

The tradition of Raksha Bandhan is believed to originate from Yamuna who bestowed immortality to her brother Yama by tying a Rakhi. So, it is the largesse of the sister to bestow upon her brother the gift of immortality which reflects the central idea that, women possess the power to not only give birth to new life but also grant immortality. The common rant of feminazis has been “What if my brother is younger? How will he protect me?” Well here is the answer you were looking for, it is not just his responsibility to protect you, rather it is also your duty to protect your brother and the tying of Rakhi is symbolic of the same.

Raksha Bandhan is the apotheosis of the family togetherness and the sanskara which have been imparted to us. The purity of love between brother and sister is reflected by the thought and the simple sweet gesture of tying a thread around brother’s hand.

The fashionable statements among the self flagellating Hindus include: 

“Rakhi means that I am her saviour and I should not let her enjoy her life.”
“It means, I will not let her have male friends.”
And of course: What about honour killings?

The truth is that Raksha bandhan has no coherence with this flight of fancy. The core fundamental for such people (Read: feminazis, Marxists and liberals) is to search for a social evil and then find a tradition to blame it on. Hindu traditions bear the brunt of the attack as Hindu religion continues to evolve over the years.

Raksha Bandhan has cut through the boundaries of religion, like in 1909 when Sh. Rabindranath Tagore used the symbolism of the ceremony to unify Hindus and Muslims but since that story does not conform to the agenda it must be discarded.

The purity of affection can be traced back to Mahabharata when Lord Sri Krishna was bleeding from his finger profusely after slaying the evil king Shishupal following which, Draupadi tore off a part of her saree and bandaged the finger of the Lord to stop bleeding. Such is the strength of the cloth symbolic of Rakhi.

This particular part of history also reveals that Raksha Bandhan as a tradition crosses caste boundaries as Lord Krishna was a Yadava while Draupadi was a Panchal Kshatriya princess and the fact that one has a freedom to choose brother outside the caste.

The Rakhi tied by Draupadi had the strength to stop bleeding from the Lord’s finger and hence she managed to save his life for which he was eternally indebted. This greatness and the strength of Draupadi as a woman is what annoys the left liberals and historians as they desperately try to mute the idea of the strength of women in Hindu culture.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month Shravana (Shravana Poornima) which also coincides with Upa-Karma (changing the sacred thread for the brahmins, Avani Avittom in South India). So while the left liberals and feminazis cry out in the name of patriarchy, you must celebrate this pious occasion with your brothers and sisters. This festival is also to celebrate the bond of love which transcends the traditional boundaries of a family. Rakhi symbolises the promise of love, care, respect, universal sisterhood and brotherhood. The significance lies in nurturing positive thoughts within family and outside.

So, all you people go out there to enjoy and spend the day with your loved ones. Raksha Bandhan is a day of togetherness. Enjoy both the tying and counting Rakhis as they are blessings in the purest form.