People of Karnataka are used to Dirty Politics But The Latest Development has Left Them Shocked Beyond Words


A malicious dust storm of pandemonium was kicked up when BS Yediyurappa, the then BJP CM of Karnataka was made to resign in 2011 following an alleged corruption case. The Congress with their media outlets and their constitutional supporters overtly and covertly left the BJP totally rattled until it came down on its knees! Today the same Congress is garlanding a minister(DKS) who was found to be possessing cart loads of disproportionate cash and wealth!

The images of those gaudy towers of cash and the vulgar amounts of assets the minister holds still reels in the minds of the common man that has left him nauseated beyond imagination as to how anybody could accumulate so much wealth, but the Congress politicians remain brazenly unapologetic that they are celebrating the tainted emergence of the minister from the IT raid as if he had just returned from a victorious battle!

It could be a political compulsion to package those tears of sorrow as tears of joy but then this is not the first time that the Congress or the leftists have displayed such brazenness where they brush all their crimes under the carpet with obstinate and arrogant ganging up. The gravity of the issue is often digressed and diluted by questioning the timings of the probe or by comparing it with an old incident and evening out the odds. And this trait shall continue because the brown British politics has always been about legitimizing the illegitimate! And in such a bastardly political ecosystem where any attempt at a fair play or decent politicking will be trampled ruthlessly, there is absolutely no scope for honest politics today because remember straight trees will be cut first!

And it is this political dharma, that – one has to first remain in the political arena to even think about bringing about a change. And this makes it compulsive for upright polity to concede that only a diamond cuts diamond hence it is not totally Adharmic to resort to cunningness to match the enemy in order to take control of a lawless land! Like Chanakya says, in politics, honesty is a relative term where too much of it at the wrong time can be dangerous!

No IT raid can happen without a foolproof plan and for its successful execution, that too when it involves a powerful person, to be raiding at 40 different places at the same time requires a lot of meticulous planning assigning hundreds of reliable officers/resources all of which could run up to an year of information gathering and several months of minute detail tracking.

With the Gujarat RS seats grabbing all limelight the political context might make it appear like an engineered ambush which strangely was cashed on by both sides where the BJP support base called it a masterstroke while the Congress has been quick to cash on this theory and is trying to slip away from the corruption stigma casually yet again under the vendetta politics card but what it forgets is that even if it were a political gimmick by the BJP the fact remains that it has lost its credibility totally and more important is the fact that Ahmed Patel – the stalwart of Congress politics of brazen lies has miserably failed to inspire his own MLAs and gain their trust. It is to safeguard this deficit that they had been shuttling from resort after resort making Sasikala look like an amateur!

The seemingly ‘two birds in one throw’ attack by the BJP where the impact would not be limited to just the RS elections but will also extend up to Karnataka state elections may be a political truth but the fact remains that there has been a hair rising case of corruption where massive wealth has been accumulated which cannot get evaporated in the election mayhem.

If one compares the decibels of rhetoric and the vitriolic melodrama that went into the dethroning of Yediyurappa with the current day unearthing of DK Shivkumar’s asset saga, it has been a pallid response in the local circles. There is a strange calm from the not so vociferous Karnataka BJP members who have been too naïve or too scared to even mince some words about the powerful power minister.

The Karnataka Congress is a very powerful regime that has been built on minority appeasement, muscle and money power and the feeble counters of mere condemnations by the BJP is no match to their skills of even blowing the enemy’s trumpet.

The hunger for power has long consumed the politics of servitude in Karnataka and today there is neither ideology left nor any value for its proponents that has furthered the brazenness of the Congress dictators who now look to craftily white wash their crimes under newer issues of other’s follies. The latest one being the safety of women!

The Chandigarh stalking incident where a BJP MLA’s son is involved is being made into a moral high ground test for the BJP where it has to tread quickly but carefully as it is an excellent cover for the Congress to even out its brazen practices and yet again begin to equate a dimwit with a druid. The longer the issue is drubbed and dragged with no conclusive messages sent, the more it will be made to linger on the minds – antagonizing the masses. The biggest challenge the BJP faces is the constant contemplation of its own support base that are all for ruthlessly swift actions but not at the cost of compromising foundational values.

The supporters of the BJP are pro-development and staunchly anti-corruption for no nonsense politics who will call it out upon overstepping unlike the uncouth Congress supporters who will not shift loyalties no matter what unless it involves large moneys. And this precisely is the biggest difference between the vote banks of the two parties where a shrinking Congress has nothing much to lose as it is already an endangered party on its political brink, and will not hesitate to flex its violent muscle against its opponents either by threatening or simply eliminating but the BJP has come to power claiming to uproot the filth of the family politics and hence has to wave cautiously its delicate wand where it casts its upright spell without allowing its opponents to turn their doves into ravens but yet without letting its own voters down by succumbing to the same brazenness that has led the Congress party to soon become an erstwhile political party!