When PM Modi Pitched for Make in India, A Bunch of Techies Rose to the Occasion and Created India’s Answer to Harman Kardon


I always believed that We Indians like living a comfortable, risk-free life. Hence, we choose a safe educational course, a decent college that ensures placement and a job that ensures a happy, risk-free life. But a couple of years back, a report took me by surprise. According to the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER) 2015, India ranked highest among 44 countries worldwide in entrepreneurial spirit: 9 out of 10 Indians showed strong desire to be an entrepreneur. This is huge by any standards, so beneath every office-going average person, lives an entrepreneur on the lookout for that perfect concept, that perfect product which will redefine the generation. But wishing is one thing and doing is another. And I happened to meet a team whose vision, whose infectious energy and whose commitment is redefining how India enjoys its music.

Meet Team BoomSlang – Sandeep Ramani, Praphul Kumar, Gaurav and Renu – A bunch of Engineering and Marketing enthusiasts, Music Aficionados and Gadget Freaks who are out to redefine India’s Music Experience.

Sandeep Ramani Showcasing Products in BoomSlang Delhi Office

I was in their nice little office in Janakpuri District Center and over a round of coffee started a discussion:

Atul (Me): So, Guys! Why did you decide to do what you are doing?

Gaurav (Takes a good look at the other team mates, Others nod assertively): We at BoomSlang were always very enthusiastic about bringing good quality music experience to Indian public at an affordable cost. We had grown up reading and listening about Marshall, Bose, Harman Kardon, Bowers and Wilkins etc and always had a curiosity about the high prices of these products. We did a lot of research and started with small speakers. Did designing in house and launched the products and tested the markets. Slowly and steadily we took bigger steps to launch big Bluetooth speakers. Our ambition is to provide to consumers the best in class audio with the best design and looks.

Atul: Super, and This is the core team, the foundation team, right?

Sandeep: Yeah, we are from varied backgrounds, but one thing binds us all. The Love for Music and Passion for gadgets, technology, designing and acoustics.

Atul: So, who handles what?

Sandeep: I have been in the electronic industry for over 20 years now and have led sales for companies like Genius and Hipstreet. Praphul is a B Tech in Computer Science and has worked with top tech ERP company SAP before foraying into the electronic industry. Gaurav is our Design and product head and Renu looks after New Business Initiatives.

Atul: Sounds like it is all sorted. So how did it start, the Journey from being employees to entrepreneurs?

Praphul (closes his eyes as if reminiscing an ancient story): It’s tough. Starting up is not easy as it sounds. It’s another name for challenges. We faced a lot of challenges in getting up to our first launch. Cost, manpower, procurement of raw materials, assembly units, contract manufacturing, designing, creative, price wars, creating brand awareness, building the trust in the brand, everything was challenging and still is. However, we never got bogged down by these challenges and strived hard to get the finished product finally ready.

Praphul with Music Directors Sachin-Jigar at a BoomSlang Sponsored Music Gig

We launched our first BoomSlang speaker made of Bamboo Wood as wood is associated with good acoustics. It was accepted wonderfully by the consumers and today it is sold in flight by Indigo Airlines. Second, we launched BoomSlang Canvas which is under review by Gadget Guru Mr. Rajiv Makhni on NDTV and will be on air soon. This is yet another premium speaker with 360-degree sound and 16 W power, not to forget 4000mAh battery backup which can also charge your phone. Finally, we launched BoomSlang Shield, the beautifully done 20W speaker with 52mm drivers and sub-woofer which emits superb sound with a 3D audio mode. Shield has been acclaimed by one and all.

Atul: Sounds like quite a product line, so tell me more about the Bottlenecks

Praphul Continues: Minimum quantity requirements for manufacturing, the time needed and transportation were the major bottlenecks. It was very difficult to maintain the cashflow too with such heavy investments.

Atul: So, what kept you going?

Sandeep: The desire and ambition to do what we planned always kept us going. When we got our first prototype ready, we were very excited, then we got our first golden sample ready and took a deep breath as the quality emerged out to be fantastic. We went into production and got the results beyond expectations.

Atul: Great, so tell me more about the Product

Renu: BoomSlang Shield Bluetooth speaker is a stunning looking metallic finish speaker for your home and the office. It’s brushed metal finish is impeccable and makes the speaker look good from all angles. Speaker is big enough to give you a nice and balanced sound from fairly deep bass to clear treble – not to forget full and well working middle tones. Audio devices can be connected either with Bluetooth or use Aux -connector if your audio devices is not supporting wireless connections. With the built-in 2200 mAh battery the playback time up 10 hours*at 75% volume – well enough for a normal working day. And in case the battery dies it can be used also while charging. Charging time from empty to fully charged is only about 4-5 hours. The speaker has an innovative 3D mode which makes the sound quality uniform in every corner of the room.BoomSlang

How many times have you wanted to go out on adventure or party and wanted loud music that runs for hours. Be it camping or house party or roof top party, you need a powerful BT speaker to keep the music on. For that we have BoomSlang Canvas. BoomSlang Canvas fits in and fulfils your need with a rugged powerful 16Watt BT speaker which has 2 speakers and 2 passive subwoofers on 2 sides, making it one of a kind 360-degree speaker. It long battery life keeps it alive for as long as 15 hours with 80% volume and aux mode. It is packed with a 4000mAh high grade lithium polymer battery and guess what??- You can use it to even charge up your phone/tablet if needed. You do not have to spend a bomb for an extra power bank. Its silicone handle makes it easy to carry or tie on your travel backpack and keep you energetic with music ON. Easy button controls with separate buttons for volume and track changes makes it a perfect companion. It comes in trendy colors. Get your hands on the one you like.BoomSlang

Atul: Tell me honestly, did you memorise all this thing? That was a perfect product description.

Renu Laughs: I don’t handle New Business Initiatives for nothing.

Everyone laughs.

Atul: So Renu, since you know a great deal about your product, Why do you think your product is better than other products in the market?

Renu: Audio is something you can only experience. It’s the aural pleasure that differentiates your product. Second factor is the visual pleasure. Our products meet both. Bamboo, Canvas and Shield all have unique looks and are crafted with premium material. These are not simple plastic body speakers. The look defines the style statement of the speakers.

Coming to the audio quality it can only be experienced. Our customers are writing rave reviews about them. The market reception of BoomSlang speakers is heartening.

Atul: Sounds interesting, so guys what are your long term plans, now that you have tasted success?

Praphul: Our vision is to be known for the best audio. We have taken the first step from India and we aspire to reach other parts of the world. We want to make BoomSlang a truly global Indian Product, something that can compete with Marshall, Bose, Harman Kardon, Bowers and Wilkins etc. We have plans to launch more products on similar lines with unique looks and extraordinary technical specifications.BoomSlang

Atul: That sounds fascinating, what would you say to struggling entrepreneurs?

Sandeep: I’d say Keep striving and believe in yourself. Do not lose focus. There will be plenty of challenges on the way, do not give up. You will succeed. Hard work and perseverance always pay.

For another half-an-hour I fiddled with neat looking speakers and listened to tracks I had never even heard about but enjoyed them nonetheless. The Sounds were rich and deep, and the experience magical. The speakers reached incredibly high volumes without any distortion.

The young team at BoomSlang is out to change the way India Consumes Music and they are not making cheap products to make quick bucks but they are striving to create an experience. As PM Modi pitched for Make in India, Sandeep, Gaurav, Praphul and Renu rose up to the challenge and created a remarkable product.

Here’s where you can order the speakers from:


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