New Age BJP seems to be obsessed with an immoral practice started by Indira Gandhi, It will Destroy BJP

BJP Congress

History repeats itself and history teaches lessons to us all. But one wonders what lessons exactly does history teach if it ends up repeating itself in date and time? Such is the tragedy that some political parties may be falling into the trap where the other political parties are busy sinking.

Where on one side the resounding victory in Uttar Pradesh has announced the BJP’s electoral supremacy and establishment as a party to stay, poaching coalitions in Goa, Manipur have confirmed its political conviction to come to power, irrespective of the circumstances.

The speed and style that the BJP is showing by conquering electorally and eroding the rest through coalitions cannot look filmier than it is at the moment. Gujarat MLAs were in exile in Karnataka so as to avoid any further defection before the Congress party’s most important election of Ahmed Patel to Rajya Sabha. Also, a news that TMC Tripura is to join the BJP was all over the internet. There was also news of AIADMK alliance in the NDA on the edge of AIADMK breaking and merging with the BJP. When the party growth and expansion is going at such momentum, sometimes the foundation starts to erode and that is the beginning of the end. Every political attrition that the BJP is committing only leads to weakening of its grass roots cadre and a vague sense of unity amongst all its enemies.

Political attrition and unethical political alignment is a gift of Indira Gandhi to our democracy. When legislators and parliamentarians were busy containing their groups of representatives, Congress somehow would break it.

One has to be awestruck as to how Congress so beautifully manages the floor. Be it trust vote, confidence vote, or any vote on the floor of the house, Congress will still nip it even with the absence of simple majority. BJP has not only condemned it but has consistently failed in doing a “Congress” when it comes to floor management. History is witness in the parliament, or recently in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh, that Congress has beaten the BJP hands down in the vote to trust and confidence. Congress invented the game and nobody is a close second to challenge their talent. But the BJP seems to be hoping against the hope by persevering to beat the Congress in its own game.

What is hard for one to fathom is if one could remain loyal to his or her political party or the political ideology then how one could remain loyal or faithful to his or her electorate. This tends to be lost in translation. This is where the BJP has to tread very carefully. Where on one hand the BJP is being brought to power from booth level i.e. by winning every panchayat, municipality, assembly and parliamentary election, on the other hand it is poaching and attracting other MLAs. This government of compromises with superficial majority and no trickle down mandate may not last for very long and it will only end up hurting the BJP more than helping its cause. This proves to be dangerous as one cannot base its loyalty on a workforce which is living paycheck to paycheck. If it does not get its paycheck it would not think twice before ditching its company and even moving back to the old employer for all you care. You can conquer all the mainland, you can turn the captains against the colonels. But even for a moment should you not fall prey to the illusion of parading the loyalty of a captain who has mutinied against his previous colonel.

The BJP’s expanse and growth is signaling two main things to the voters. First being, whether you like it or not the BJP is going to be in power. The mandate that the voters may throw eventually may not mean anything as it is only BJP that will end up in power. Even if this disdain gathers momentum, by 2024, if not 2019, then the BJP will end up looking fallible and that too at the fingers on the EVMs. Secondly, it also sends a message to the electorate that the only way to beat the BJP is through grand alliance. Nitish Kumar and allies have shown that it can be done electorally. It is not impossible if they join their houses. There will always be a question mark on the durability and the warranty of such an alliance due to its ideological instability, but for once it would have done away with the BJP. An unstable coalition government has time and again taught that it is a dark period of regression and policy paralysis for the nation and its citizens.

History reminds us that a battle of Waterloo occurred and marked the end of an illustrious empire built on the back of conquering all the known European world at that time. BJP should learn and not repeat the same mistakes. Convincing victories in the  known terrain and great electoral breakthroughs in less acquainted territories is a way of life for the BJP. Where will be the charm of the BJP as a “party with a difference” if it ends up following the autocratic suit of Indira Gandhi and the like?  

P.S: Dear BJP, Please poach and play with whoever you like, but, for the love of God, please do not post those spokespersons who have moved to your party after years and years of cursing the BJP and its supporters. Their previous parties are left decimated at the hands of the BJP, if they have shamelessly jumped ship, there is no need for the party to show them off on the channels as it sends morally and ethically wrong signals to your loyal viewers.