This One Incident Proved How Blatantly Anti-Hindu Indian Media Is!

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India has always urged that evil of terrorism is the worst enemy of humanity. Halfway through 2017 we have already witnessed 676 attacks, 4,368 fatalities but one significant quote travelled across the world, after London attack, after killing of Russian ambassador – “Terrorism Has No Religion”

Heat map depicting the terrorist attacks so far in 2017.

Terrorism had no religion till Arrest of a Hindu operative of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Sandeep Sharma, by the Kashmir police.

Headlines from few national daily’s and giant media houses.

  • LeT’s Hindu operative Sandeep Sharma stayed in Patiala. (Times of india)
  • What We Know About Sandeep Sharma, the Hindu LeT Militant (The Quint)
  • ‘Hindu terrorist’ from UP held, brother says shoot him if he has links (Hindustan times)
  • Lashkar-e-Taiba has a Hindu face, his name is Sandeep Sharma (DNA India)

All these articles reported that a Hindu man named Sandeep Sharma was an operative of Terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba and had a history of variety of crimes like robbing banks, ATMs, snatching weapons and even killing cops.

He was dubbed as the first Hindu Lashkar ‘militant’ by the media which reported that he hailed from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. The DNA article even carried an analysis which stated that “The fact that a Hindu is enlisted in the ranks of jihadi terrorists is a cause for major concern for the security authorities, since profiling Islamic terrorists now becomes trickier than before”.

It was soon picked up by various individuals to insinuate the whole “Hindu terror” narrative:

But when truth came out it was 180 degree phase out. In reality the “ Hindu Terrorist ” Sandeep Sharma was practising Islam for 6 years. In 2012 Sandeep who was then converted to Adil after falling in love with a Kashmiri girl.

His endeavours into crime began when he met Kulgam resident Saheed Ahmed and those two along with Munib and Muzaffar Ahmed founded a gang. Then after indulging in criminal activity for some time, came in contact with Lashkar terrorist Shukar Ahmed, which ensured Adil/Sandeep ’s association with the terror outfit.

We all know how terrorism industry work, the “Bhramastra” is brainwash and which also makes non-Muslims to get converted and National Investigation agency (NIA) has arrested 52 ISIS operatives so far and 15 % to 20% were either converted from Hinduism or Christianity.

But when media houses tinted Hinduism with ink of “ Sandeep Sharma ” few of them founded offensive and the nationalist Facebook communities like “The Frustrated Indian”, ”Bhak Sala” highlighted this and later it was joined by masses.

What is most disturbing?

Subset of Indian media is always against India and even more Anti-Hindus. Its is quite evident that all the media houses except a very few were using this incidence to paint that “Terrorism has no religion but yes if it is Hindu it is”. The narrative of most of the media houses was well suited with the news “Hindu Terrorist” but curry was spoilt  later with expose of conversion factor.

Its high time that India understand that people who came up with “Not In my name” are the people who are creating the divide and they want to re-shift the focus from Nationalist India to the communal India. If “Junaid” was a Muslim who was killed in Beef-Seat (Debatable) incidence weren’t “Amarnath Yatries”  Hindu ?

Is being Hindu a crime now ?

Let us know in the comments below.

Jai Hind ! #India_First