There’s Something Deeply Upsetting About New York Times Article Against Yogi Adityanath

Adityanath New York Times

The Global Leftist Media has always been rather harsh to Conservative leaders. While they coddle and cuddle leaders of Liberal disposition and are always overeager to ignore their numerous shortcomings and follies, they reserve their odious condescension and often unfounded criticism for those in opposition to Progressive values. Naturally, the Global Media went hammer and tongs against Narendra Modi during his entire tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and his campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. More recently, we witnessed the rabid scaremongering the Leftist Media indulged in during the American Presidential Elections against Donald Trump. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that they are now going after Yogi Adityanath in the most unscrupulous of manners.

Recently, in an article for the New York Times, Ellen Barry penned an article on the rise of the Head Priest of Gorakhnath Math in the Indian Political Arena. The article was titled, “Head of Militant Hindu Temple ascends India’s political ladder.”* The title itself is quite scandalous in itself for it doesn’t merely slander Yogi Adityanath himself, who is fair game considering he is a politician, but slanders the entire Nath Sampradaya and gravely insults the centuries old tradition of the Monastic sect by dubbing a Temple, a place where Hindus believe Devas themselves reside, as ‘Militant’. One is forced to ask, how can a Temple be ‘militant’? Such dimwitted opinions are reserved by half-witted arrogant political hacks for Hindus only. They would bend over backwards to provide cover for the murderous refugees rampaging through Europe but flaunt their repugnant self-righteousness by dishing out all the scorn for Hindus or someone like Donald Trump.

The Western Media has displayed a remarkable tendency to describe terrorists that threaten India’s unity as ‘Militants’ and now it has gone one step ahead by labeling Gorakhnath Math, which serves to provide meaning and solace apart from more material things to hundreds and thousands of people, as a ‘Militant Temple’. It speaks volumes for the crass double-standards that Western Media has come to reflect. It is rather obnoxious and even evil of Western Media outlets to describe Islamic Terrorists in Kashmir and Gorakhnath Math in similar fashion. Western Media had lost its moral compass a long time ago and now they are sinking even lower, if that were even possible.

Apart from the scurrilous attack on Gorakhnath Math, the article also uses some dubious sources to confirm its preconceived conclusions. The article speaks of one Vijay Yadav who apparently boasted of thrashing a Muslim to the New York Times. It is quite obvious that Western Propaganda Outlets have graduated from using anonymous sources to peddle their narrative to inventing completely fictional characters. If indeed such a man exists and did confess to committing such crimes to the propagandist, then why did he/she not inform the Police so that the perpetrator could be brought to Justice? Such considerations and other more pressing ones obviously leads one to conclude that Vijay Yadav is a character completely of the author’s imagination created solely for the purpose of maligning Yogi Adityanath.

Moreover, the tone and tenor of the New York Times article from the very first word made it abundantly clear that its objective was not to offer a valid evaluation of the rise of the Priest but to tarnish his reputation and drag Narendra Modi’s name through the mud for his elevation.

The New York Times article also carries observations by sepoys who are always more than willing to toe the Leftist establishment’s line. One of the more prominent among them, Sadanand Dhume did make a valid observation. Dhume said, “They have normalized someone who, three years ago, was considered too extreme to be minister of state for textiles. Everything has been normalized so quickly.” Indeed, not too long ago, the Secular UPA government was exhausting all its resources in a bid to falsely implicate Hindu leaders of terrorism in a bid to confirm the existence of the Mythical Saffron Terror. They were even trying to implicate Mohan Bhagwat, the head of RSS, in terrorist activities as recent revelations by Times Now has exposed. From such cruel times to having a Saffron clad Priest as the Chief Minister of India’s most populous State is quite a drastic change in the short of span of mere three years. And it is no wonder then that Sepoys such as Dhume aren’t too happy about it.

However, Hindus should not be too offended by a term that the article uses to describe Yogi Adityanath, Hindu Warrior Priest. Indeed, the Nath Sampradaya, the Sampradaya Yogi Adityanath is a proud Priest of, has a history of producing Warrior Ascetics. Ascetics of the Sampradaya often embraced violence to resist Jihad during the Islamic invasion of India. As such, Hindu Warrior Priest is a very apt term to describe Yogi Adityanath. There is great pride in being a Warrior of Dharma and in Kaliyuga, as enemies of Dharma rampage through the Devas’ own land, it is quite natural for a Priest of the Nath Sampradaya to embrace the Warrior within himself to protect Dharma.

Amidst the plethora of calumny the New York Times meted out in its article, the term Hindu Warrior Priest attributed to Yogi Adityanath might be the only thing it got right, and most probably, quite unintentionally.

*the headline of the article has been changed to “Firebrand Hindu Cleric Ascends India’s Political Ladder”