Hindu Marriages hold the Key to unification of all Hindus, Fascinating isn’t it?

Hindus Hinduism

The biggest enemy of Hinduism—the one which has the capacity to uproot this ancient culture root and stem—is none other than the Hindus themselves. While the world is changing, moving forward towards modernization, religions are pulling down humanity’s legs, all except Hinduism. Hinduism is as liberal, as any religion can get. It has no central book (not even Vedas), no central God, no specific code of conduct or moral, no specific ideals, no single leader like the Pope or the Khalifa. You are free to choose who you want to worship or not worship, how you want to worship, how frequently you want to worship, which rules you want to follow, which you want to get rid of and which story you want to extract your morals from. It’s all on you. That is the beauty of Hinduism, the only religion which incorporates atheists too. The majority of modern youth in urban settlements who identify themselves as Hindus never worship or go to temples or even know any of the epics or mythologies. Hinduism does not force anyone to pray or do anything. Sanatan Dharma changed vastly in thousands of years of its existence, and with modernization, it is changing furthermore.

But, today this liberal way of life, is at war. The population percentage is declining more rapidly than ever before (Kerala is a recent example of the last 100 years). Abrahamic faiths destroyed the native culture, religion, food and the way of life of every piece of land they invaded, but Hinduism has stood affirm, however I’m not sure how long it can. With the advent of democratic India, people of common identity—religion or caste started to vote collectively instead of individually. This was realized by the politicians soon enough and they encouraged this to gain votes. Vote banks became a commodity which the politicians bought in every election. The Muslims, on cues from the religious leaders, vote as a single united bundle. Similarly, the caste politics made people of specific castes vote for people of their castes, all at once. This is, one of the biggest drawbacks of a democratic system.

Every time such an election occurs, Hinduism loses. A leader who divided the populace, made the Hindus suspect one another, got to wield power. That person is every time, an anti-Hindu pro-appeasing leader. No matter how many times it’s been condemned or looked down upon, the Muslim population will not vote individually and the news channels will continue to call our Muslim brothers as vote banks. They will always vote in a group, for that is how they think their vote will make an impact and they aren’t wrong. For the last 50 years of appeasement politics in India, the vote bank politics have worked, until 2014, when the Hindus realized that this malpractice needs to see its end. The Muslim vote didn’t matter when the Hindus voted in unison. BJP crossed 272 on its own. This was repeated in the UP Elections. The Muslim votes would not have become worthless in these 2 elections had they not become a vote bank for 50 years and would have voted individually, for their own. However, even after that the united voting does not seem to come to an end which is why, to protect themselves the Hindus need to be united too.

First, we must understand why this is so important. The Hindus need to be united if they want to save their culture, because in this secular India, the Hindus need to be protected by 5 battalions of army to visit their pilgrimage. Because in this secular India, there exist Muslim dominated Prohibited Areas where Shiv Kanwariyas cannot play Bhajan. Because in this secular India, a Hindu village in West Bengal is not allowed to celebrate Durga Puja as Muslims prohibit it. Because in this secular India Muslims forcefully remove the loudspeakers from the temple and the media doesn’t bat an eye, but Sonu Nigam made everyone lose their minds.

Slowly and stealthily, the Hindus are losing this war. How long before Hinduism is wiped off the face of the earth, like every other native religion that Abrahamic faiths paid a visit to?

Like, I said at the beginning, the biggest enemy of Hinduism is the Hindus themselves. For political and monetary gains, Samjhauta Express Blast was termed a Saffron terror act. Sadhvi Pragya, an advocate and fighter for the rights of Hindus, lost her years, health, honor, dignity and mind in the jail time she served because of the DIVIDED HINDUS who voted Indian National Congress into power—which now stands exposed of running fake Saffron Terror stories, implicating innocent people. Terrorists do have a religion, but politicians like P. Chidambaram do not.

Hinduism is under attack, and people, who do not see or feel this attack, may not identify themselves as Hindus, or have just crawled out of a hole after decades.

The only way to make sure this ancient civilization survives in its unadulterated form is by making sure that the Hindus vote correctly, undivided. The politicians will give up everything to divide the Hindus on caste, but the Hindus must rise above casteism.

The poor and backward Hindus find themselves at a benefit as they are offered resources on conversion. Christian Missionaries have done a wonderful job in the North East, in Jharkhand and several other states. These poverty-stricken Hindus and tribals are further pushed away from Hinduism by the continuous maltreatment that they received at the hands of the upper caste Hindus for centuries. Sure, the time has changed a lot, but a lot of work must be done for the unification of all the castes and to do that there is no method more fruitful than the Inter-Caste marriages. The Hindus need to bring the less fortunate into the common fold. They must not let anyone stray.

Inter caste marriages is the way to end the discrimination of caste system. This is the only way to permanently excommunicate the caste system among the Hindus and the only way to make sure the Hindu civilization does not die off.

In reality, most Hindus refrain from marrying out of their caste. They hold so tightly to this tradition, that they will actually sacrifice the entire Hindu culture for it. Scientifically, this stops the wheel of evolution as I explained in this article, but more importantly it segregates the Hindus into specific vote banks. It is beyond the scope of imagination that inter caste marriages start happening out of the blue to remove the caste system but the number of such marriages have increased many folds in the last two decades. With proper education, people will soon realize this, and slowly, over time we will lose the caste system permanently. However, we must not sit and watch. We need to push this. We need a united Hindu community as soon as possible. Only then will there be a United India, otherwise there will be several more Kashmirs, several more Kairanas, several more Barsihats in the entire subcontinent. Before you go to vote the next time do consider the wrongdoings of the top leaders of the INC, the wrongdoings against the Hindus, then cast your vote, don’t caste it.