Facts to Shut Up Detractors criticizing Modi’s Policies and Governance immediately

PM Modi

When Shri Manmohan ji was the Prime Minister we had no doubt that the master of puppets was running a rather inventive panoply which was never seen or thought of in the world. Congress has sided with terrorists more often than not like the Samjhauta blasts, Batla house encounter and also claiming Mumbai terror attacks as a “RSS ki saajish”. Their leaders have knocked doors in professional capacity to prevent the hanging of terrorists like Ajmal Kasab. Their agenda was parroted by “imminent” journalists and media houses who were placed in a lap of luxury.

PM Modi has led India from being a sleeping giant to now a rapidly rising economic superpower. This is now of prime importance as the economies of the west are slowly on their way down.

Many radical steps taken under the leadership of PM Modi have invited a lot of ridicule and claims that the economy will collapse like the calling back of bank notes and now with the revolutionary GST in sight the Congress and other regional parties are jittery. For all they hoped, the people would revolt against the calling back of bank notes; it was probably their own leaders who were the most affected and hence the working class had to endure their crass cacophony during their TV “panel” discussions. Now not only are they spreading rumours desperately they are even heard to be threatening veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan for advertising for GST.

While the Congress continues to maintain that no harm has come by the cancellation of bank notes to the illegitimate businesses one begins to wonder how do their leaders know? Why don’t they explain which of the businesses they deem illegitimate is thriving?

While an article in The Economist funnily titled “Narendra Modi is a fine administrator, but not much of a reformer”, points out that Demonetisation has affected legitimate businesses one does wonder, why not bother to explain? But then this is how a propaganda is bejewelled.

The Report is quick to conclude that low oil prices added 2 percentage points to GDP, but it conveniently skips the severe drought in the last two years, or the general global economic slowdown, BREXIT, Hostilities in Middle East nothing. The report paints a gloomy picture about Modinomics but again skips the rising investor trust. The FDI in 2016-17 was at a record high of $ 60 billion-a statement of confidence in the Indian economy.

Does the report talk about how Nitin Gadkari is fixing the dilapidated Infrastructure of the Country at breakneck pace? NO

Does the report talk about how Piyush Goyal is electrifying villages at a frantic pace and the delivery is ahead of its schedule? No

Railways Turnaround Story? No

The Report criticizes GST’s 6 rate structure but makes no mention of how Modi and Jaitley fought with the most belligerent opposition of all times to get this done. To push a taxation reform in a country which still eats and sleeps Nehruvian Socialism is an achievement in itself. Let us put GST and the current taxation system side by side and then try deciding which one is better. It is a no-brainer. The Report compares India’s GST with Australia, Malaysia, Singapore’s simple GSTs. India has more population than all these 3 countries combined and has diversification of an entire continent. It is an apple vs Pineapple comparison but then Propaganda pieces do not care for simple things like logic.

India boasts one of the youngest work force that for long has been caught in red tapism and babudom and PM Modi has tried to bring about changes which are now palpable at the grass root level. There is a positive vibe and the FDI is reaching new heights.

Congress party continues to live in it’s own speciousness of claims on a policy belonging to their name. The entire concept of boasting is the premise of them being reduced to a 44 despite being one of the largest and oldest parties of India. The Congress pats itself on the back for having thought of ideas but one must remind them that it is the lack of execution which has catapulted PM Modi to one of the front runners among world leaders who get things done. There are improvements in the defence sector, appropriate responses at the LOC, care for it’s citizens in India and overseas, bringing new investments and skill development etc. The idea of him excelling in dormant areas has shook Congress so much that they have come to seek reprieve in the mere thought that “Hey, we thought of it first”. They love the fact that Rajeev ji got ATM, computers etc., it is indeed a uniquely sordid thought that bringing a technology and not being able to develop it for the progress of the country, such that even after long years of Congress rule there were areas that do not have electricity and basic sanitation, and this mere thought must jolt them out of the shackles of the Gandhi dynasty. They have brilliant young leaders but they are still entrapped in the shackles of the old order of Congress.

The reforms by PM Modi are being brought after a lot of hard work and thought into the entire process. The leaders like Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari and Suresh Prabhu have brought about massive changes which have now touched millions of lives in India.

The rabble rousing still seems to be all the Congress is capable of instead of constructive criticism. They are continuing to behave like a bunch of soap opera styled women backbite and mock while they continue to plot. They are still wearing blinders on the idea that this new India is watching them closely and if they introspect they would visualise their last bastions crumbling which is the response of the young Indians to their divisive policies and the doling out of subsidies and freebies to entice the masses.

Political conditions are favouring PM Modi at present and will probably continue to do so. The CM of Uttar Pradesh alone should be a reason for the rest of the Political parties to understand that the need of the hour is a task master to put state to order whether it is the arrest of erring ministers or a crack down on government officials quite unlike previous Regional and Congress regimes.

The media which was previously revered has it’s dark side out in the open and they do not seem to like it a bit. The moment the skeletons of the Roy’s tumbled out of the closet the usual chant of “freedom” came out which I’m quite sure refers to their freedom to flout rules and regulations. While they appear to be crying in the name of “vendetta” they still miss no moment to remind the world of the riots in Gujarat which have since long cleared the name of PM Modi and not to forget the years they had CBI hound him. Well, karma is here for you.

While hurting Hindu sentiments is a regular feature for the Congress as seen recently by an obscene public calf slaughter but their bigotry on communal policy has not changed an iota where they continue to chide the Hindus. The media has played an important role in behaving as a glove for the “hand” when they call a “calf” an “oxen”. They still believe that they can handle the Hindus with their kid glove approach. It is amazing to acknowledge the skill set of the media which they use to push the propaganda fed to them by their masters. With social media, the media is no more unquestionable or inscrutable and the best part is the mummification of past safely online which frequently comes to haunt them. Although media conveniently labels all the people who punch a hole in their web of lies as “trolls” and occasionally claims that the group is organised, I don’t think so but I for one sure hope so.

PM Modi is here to stay and if your feathers are ruffled then get ready for the rough times ahead.