Before the ICJ Verdict Indians were praying for their nation’s victory, but an esteemed journalist was singing a different tune

Sagarika Ghose ICJ Kulbhushan Jadhav

This article was written before the ICJ Verdict.

Usually, I’m not the one to agree to everything that the so called thinkers speak about human errors. I’ve had my share of betrayals, and most of my childhood idols are now the last personalities on earth I’d love to emulate. But one of such activists, who fought for civil rights in America, Mr. Martin Luther King Jr, had once opined “Nothing in the entire world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

To be true, nothing fits best as this quote on our mainstream media, which according to a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, is the second least trustworthy media in the entire world. Once famous as India’s ‘Fourth Pillar of Democracy’ or the “Fourth Estate”, the credibility of the mainstream media in India has only nosedived, with a few exceptions continuing to hold the ideals of journalism aloft.

However, one present incident actually brought out the chinks in mainstream Indian journalism, for it exposed the points where the biased journalists, who owe their allegiance to the deep state running in Lutyens’ Delhi, go wrong. This was the proceeding of the International Court of Justice, with respect to the case of the wrongly incarcerated Indian citizen, ex-Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav.

With respect to the internal provisions of the International Court of Justice, as stated in Section D, Incidental Proceedings, in the Subsection 1 the Honb. Court passed a midnight order in favor of the Indian panel, which put the arbitrary execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav on hold, allowing India to present its stance convincingly against the arbitrary decision imposed by the kangaroo styled military courts of Pakistan.

Represented by illustrious legal luminary Mr. Harish Salve, who charged a solitary rupee for fighting the whole case, the case is presently moving on a smooth track, with India seemingly gaining an upper hand on a strategic note[ Now of course we have won], with ICJ refusing to hear the botched pleas of Pakistan in defence, including the doctored confession video of Kulbhushan Jadhav admitting his role as an Indian spy working for Research & Analysis Wing.

However, when we have journalists like Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt in our mainstream media, we probably don’t even need enemies like China and Pakistan.

Following is a thread of tweets that Sagarika Ghose tweeted, allegedly in the defence of the Pakistani legal team at ICJ :-

sagarika ghose icj kulbhushan jadhavTo be truthful, like the twitter thread of famous singer Sonu Nigam exposed the hypocrisy that pseudo liberals practice in the name of secularism, with respect to the arbitrary use of loudspeakers in case of religious calls and processions, especially Azaan, in the same way Sagarika Ghose’s thread inadvertently exposes what’s exactly wrong with Indian journalism.

Now for some hard facts. As of present, the best defense that can come up in case of Sagarika Ghose is that she is well qualified, and has graduated from the prestigious St. Stephen’s College in Delhi University and St. Antony’s College from Oxford University, with the illustrious Rhodes scholarship in her kitty. But going by her present tweet, I realize that all such education is futile, if she can’t differentiate facts and common sense from biased propaganda. Her personal slogan is without doubt ‘Agenda Uncha Rahe Hamara’ [Let the Agenda Fly High]

While the first tweet in the thread only reiterates the facts of the case proceedings as held on 15th of May, the second tweet exposes her bias towards the hostile neighbor of ours. To say Pak’s statements are “lies” etc. amounts to undermining sanctity of ICJ. How is criticizing the liar that Pakistan’s legal authorities are connected to contempt of ICJ? Can Sagarika please explain us this illogical rant? Also, according to her, we are no one to decide the veracity of Pakistan’s claims. Great, I even forget sometimes that Sagarika comes from the same legion of pseudo journalists, who question the authority of Supreme Court with respect to the hangings of Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru, and don’t hesitate in glorifying dreaded terrorists like Bada Sajid [who escaped the Batla House Encounter Case to join ISIS] or Burhan Wani.

The third tweet of the thread, however, exposed with due diligence the highest degree of brain insolvency such so called Indian intellectuals and journalists possess, despite them being well educated. Notice the line where she accuses Indian media of maintaining a prejudice towards ICJ with respect to the UAE envoy “influencing” Pak judge at the same. To sum it up, she means to say that a UAE envoy is capable of influencing a Pak judge at ICJ.

Well, I’m not a legal student to be precise, but even with my basic research, I fail to deduce where in the seven hells, is a Pakistani judge present among the sitting members of ICJ? Worse, is there a UAE envoy at all in the panel of legal personnel in ICJ? I doubt so. If you don’t believe me, check the present list for yourself.

Even in the entire history of ICJ, there has been only one Pakistani judge at the helm of affairs, who is Sir Mohammad Zafrulla Khan, that too way back from 1951-1973, with a break from 1961-1964. Is this the level of journalism the mainstream media wants to serve us? Has Sagarika Ghose gone nuts or what?

Whatever will be the outcome of the ICJ proceeding with respect to the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, that is best left to the discretion of the honorable members of the Court.

However, what we know for sure is that if the level of journalism that Sagarika Ghose displayed is the level of journalism the mainstream media of India wants to protect and carry forward; only God knows where Indian journalism is heading. With such journalism, even our enemies like Pakistan and China look babies in front of such people.