We already know that Zakir Naik isn’t a nice guy, so why did Republic TV go all out against him?


Republic TV since its inception has redefined the mainstream discourse. The pro-left mainstream channels have been devastated and are frantically trying to criticize Arnab. This is all we know but what we don’t know is Republic TV is not like any other news channel their interests are well aligned with the interest of the country. After exposing Shashi Tharoor and AAP, the next on radar of Republic TV was Zakir Naik. Which sadly couldn’t create the buzz it truly deserved.

Who is Zakir Naik?

Zakir Naik is the founder of Islamic Research Foundation and a television evangelist. Always dressed in western outfit and preaching in English this trained physician has managed to garner large followership in countries ranging from Muslim communities of developed world to Arab countries to South Asia.

Zakir Nail was in fact influenced by another Indian Islamic preacher Ahmed Deedat and started his Islamic Research organization in 1991. Currently, Zakir Naik owned peace TV which he started in 2006 has around 100 million audiences and his preaching have allegedly led to terrorist attacks in the countries like Bangladesh and India with two out of seven terrorists involved Dhaka attack claiming to be influenced by him. From this, we can gauge that he was using Peace TV as an instrument for his extremely dangerous mission of radicalizing the youths.

His links with Lashkar-e-Taiba and its front organizations Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (JuD) is well known with links to Islamic research foundation being present on the websites of the two former organizations. His links with radicalism aren’t new, however, he on various forums had said that 9/11 was an insider’s job. He has been a tactic supporter of Islamic terrorism and has even backed Osama on several instances. His ardent support for female sex slaves and subscription to radical Islam makes him even more dangerous. Despite all these links in public domain, he enjoys strong backing of Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia awarded him in 2015 with King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam. So, this makes us realize how complicated and serious problem is before us.

The Republic TV Expose

Even before The Republic Expose Zakir Naik was firmly in the hands of Indian Law Enforcement agencies. His plans were almost known and his poisonous agenda was out in the open for everyone to see.

So why did Arnab Goswami go all out against Zakir Naik?

The Republic TV in its recent expose has brought before us the nefarious designs of Zakir Naik and his nefarious design of targeting the poor, marginalized and vulnerable to convert them to Islam. Sometimes it’s for monetary benefits people convert and sometimes due to his crafty speeches. After being targeted by Indian security agencies for his hate mongering and religious fanaticism and money laundering Zakir Naik has shifted his operations to Malaysia. After getting a permanent resident status in Malaysia Zakir Naik has achieved a celebrity status and remains very much part of Public life with holding seminars and meetings in Universities and propagating his vicious propaganda of hatred. His presence in Malaysia has led to increasing religious and ethnic tension with HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) having starting protest against his presence. HINDRAF has even requested the international community to force Malaysian government to deport Zakir.

Watch the debate here:


What can India do?

India already has an MLAT (mutual legal assistance treaty) with Malaysia although arrests and extraditions are not covered under the treaty but still, it will smoothen the process. But the problem is Malaysian government seems to be strongly backing Zakir so it would require diplomatic maneuvers by the Indian government and at the same time NIA should continue to work towards issuing of the red corner notice by Interpol as soon as possible. Till Zakir Naik moves freely he is a threat to the security of India.

Role of Republic TV

Whereas the left-liberal dominated media has seen Gau-rakhsaks as the greatest threat to India and have brushed aside any other opinion the entry of Arnab with his own News Channel has turned the tables. What pains them is that Arnab can’t be painted and branded as a Sanghi the tag these liberals attach to everyone else who doesn’t agree with their views. He is a smart, suave Oxford-educated journalist whose credentials very few can actually match in the media industry. The Republic TV Zakir Naik expose holds great relevance in contemporary time because it is only the Public discourse that forces the government of the day to act and this expose will surely have a lot of effects.