Fake Liberals wanted Major Gogoi to be punished, but that clearly didn’t happen

major gogoi indian army
Image Courtesy: Greater Kashmir

How would you react if you get to know that several personnel of Indo Tibetan Border Police, as well as poll officials are stuck in a booth office, surrounded by a bloodthirsty mob of Islamic terrorists, ready to lynch them to death, and you have strict orders of not killing a single civilian? You’d feel helpless, won’t you? But not Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi, of 53 Rashtriya Rifles, who devised an out of the box to make sure the poll officials and ITBP personnel were rescued without any casualties, and no Islamist would even dare to attack the entire cordon, that too, without even raising a single arm.

Sounds a bit filmy, isn’t it? Nope, this actually happened, when on 9th April, a stone pelter cum tailor, Farooq Ahmed Dar, was arrested by the cordon of Indian Army led by Major Gogoi, and tied to the jeep, as a warning for the potential stone pelters, ready to lynch anyone coming to the assistance of the ITBP personnel in danger.

Not only the cordon rescued each and every man from the poll booth, the tied up stone pelter ensured that not one of those Islamists present even threw a feather, forget pelting stones at the Army men.

While this innovative measure surprised the anti India entity of pseudo intellectuals and pseudo liberals, who tried to steal the limelight by accusing the major of gross violation of human rights, the separatist politicians called for violent protests, if the officer at the helm was not booked.

Under the pressure, the State Police had to file an FIR against the Major Gogoi.

However, this was the time when the Indian Army and the Central government both came to the rescue of Major Gogoi.

Apart from the usual support of ex servicemen [now military activists] like Major General Gagandeep Singh Bakshi, Major Gaurav Arya etc., it was the joint force of Indian Army and Central Government [NDA led], who decided to change the narrative for once and for all.

When an affidavit was filed in the Supreme Court against Major Gogoi and his cordon, Attorney General of India, Mukul Rohatgi, remarkably said in his defence, that ‘Judicial inquiries which are biased due to local considerations have tarnished the image of Army. Military operations cannot be dissected in a particular way. Indian Army cannot be subjected to FIR otherwise military operations cannot be carried out.’

Mukul Rohatgi did not stop there. He also attacked the Supreme Court for their allegedly inherent bias against the Indian Army, on the basis of local sentiments. In his words, “Whether it’s Jammu and Kashmir or Manipur, we are facing the same local bias. Why doesn’t any judicial inquiry ever exonerate the Army? These inquiries (have) never said that Army did the correct thing. Indian Army is facing problems due to bias in such inquiries.”

After a month, it turns out, that Indian Army has decided to make a bold move. Instead of initiating any action against Major Gogoi, they have not only refrained from taking any disciplinary action against his cordon in the Court of Inquiry, but also praised his acumen for saving so many lives without even firing a bullet. To sum it up, Major Gogoi has not only been given a CLEAN CHIT for his smart move, he is also likely to be rewarded for displaying such a cool attitude in such a tense situation.

According to some sources related with Court of Inquiry, as apparently initiated against Major Gogoi, no serious action has been recommended against Major Gogoi at all. In their words, “Court martial is out of the question. Not even disciplinary action was recommended against the officer.”

Contrary to the howling by pseudo intellectuals, who are anyway hand in glove with the terrorists and separatists of Kashmir, the top brass was actually impressed with this smart move that saved so many lives.

To quote the sources, “He was congratulated for his acumen and presence of mind that saved many lives.”

Another source said, “In the Indian Army, attaining the objective is more important. The means used by the officer could have been different, but the objective was perfectly met.”

With that, Indian Army has now taken a bolder path on the road to reclaim Kashmir Valley from the hands of the Islamic terrorists, that of allowing their officers a free hand to devise innovative techniques which would inflict maximum damage on the enemies with minimum to negligible casualties. Not only that, in a major deviation from their earlier policies, such officers would also be rewarded handsomely, as they were in the case of the surgical strikes conducted across the Line of Control on 29th of September, 2016.

But one community would obviously be devastated by this decision, that of the pseudo liberals. Their silence on the clean chit is more deafening than their cacophony on the same.

Not wasting a second in fluttering rule books, convention guides like Geneva Conventions, which otherwise they’d conveniently forget and bury it apart in genuine cases like the mutilation of soldiers like Captain Saurabh Kalia, Nb. Subedar Paramjeet Singh, Prem Sagar as the list goes on ad infinitum, these guys have long dominated a botched up narrative that has always defamed the ones who protect us, instead of targeting those who harm us. It is natural to see their angst on such a decision, because their supremacy has begun to wane.

Moreover, why are they reacting to a move which caused no casualty? Is self defence by soldiers a crime?

It is good to see that Indian Army has decided to become a trendsetter once again, at such a crucial juncture, where the desperation of a significantly receding Kashmiri insurgency is breaking all limits of barbarism, Lt. Umar Faiyyaz.

For those who cry of violation of human rights, let me tell you, the most basic human tenet of any human right is, “LIVE AND LET LIVE!” When these terrorists can’t live themselves and won’t let others live in the name of Islam, why should we let them live?

I hope the so called liberals actively assisting them get this point, if at all they can think so.