Unveiling the Unsaintly side of Saint Francis Xavier

francis xavier

Let me tell our dear readers a story. A story of a simple man named Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels.

Dr Goebbels was a humble, studious, thoughtful man. A doctor of Philosophy, he was academically gifted and scholastically talented. A man of varied talents, he distinguished himself in the Arts, Literature, Oratory, History, and Theology. A keen student of Science, he utilized the then modern technology to spread the word of his Lord and Master across the civilized World. He created institutions to popularize his Lord’s words. He helped set up the foundations of a successful, prosperous new society. He guarded this new World by creating organizations to weed out the dissidents creating trouble in his new paradise.

He did this by devastating centuries of culture and tradition. He did this by reducing beautiful cities and gardens to dust. He did this by butchering millions of innocent men, women, and children- merely for their faith. He did this by setting up death camps where new and more horrifying atrocities were dreamed of every day by sadistic, monstrous beasts in human flesh. He did this by making a sport of Death, all in the honour of his perverse ideology and his demonic Lord.

Dr Goebbels, for these great deeds and noble accomplishments, has since been honoured highly. Hundreds of schools have been raised across the length and breadth of the World in his name. Thousands of young men go forth in his name to preach the word of their Lord. Dozens of seminaries and monasteries dedicate years in training young men and women of his methods and ideas. Millions are spent every day to promote his worldview and message. And as if all this were not enough, Dr Goebbels has been acclaimed as a ‘Saint’, and thus the object of veneration by the billions of people who follow the words of his Lord.
Thus let us all praise Dr Goebbels, bringer of Light and Truth and the word of his Lord to billions.

I apologize.
It seems I have made a mistake.
I wasn’t talking about Dr Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda during the Third Reich.
I was talking about the great Christian Saint, Francis Xavier.

Francis Xavier- whose birth anniversary falls today (April 7th) is quite likely one of the most overhyped “saints” ever.

The bloodshed and violence unleashed by this him has had few equals in history- and yet, this he is honoured each day by millions of Christians, even in India. Even today, millions of innocent Hindu children are force-fed lies on the ‘greatness’ of this so called great saint.

The rise of Christianity in India in the 16th Century had long been marked by brutality and violence of the worst order with European priests and their pet armies regularly attacking and massacring Hindu communities- but the prevailing horror was first standardized by the great Christian Saint Francis Xavier when in 1545, he suggested the creation of an Inquisition in Goa to King John III of Portugal. In 1560, the Goa Inquisition was set up in a massive palace, originally occupied by Goa’s Sultan- and then the horror began.

And all thanks to the great Christian saint, Francis Xavier.

Horrific tortures were devised daily so that the Inquisitors could carry out their duties diligently and easily. The ingenuity of these inquisitors can easily be seen in the tortures devised by them. One of their creations was the so-called ‘Rack’- a system of Pulleys designed to tear the limbs of Hindus apart, described in contemporary accounts. The ‘Strappado’ was yet another device used to break legs and knees. Nor were Hindu women ignored. In a brilliant example of the feminist ideal of equality, Hindu women were treated to the joys of the ‘Breast-Ripper’, an iron vice which was heated red-hot and used to tear out breasts. The influence of texts like the Malleus Maleficarum- Hammer of Witches- written a mere two generations ago is evident here.

And all thanks to the great Christian saint, Francis Xavier.

Nor was physical torture the only mode used to persecute Hindus by Xavier and his goons at the Inquisition. Open practice of Hinduism was made punishable by death; even mere suspicion of such was the cause for torture and enslavement. Tens of thousands of Hindus were murdered or worked to death in mines, ships, and factories- often starved or beaten to death by Christian supervisors.

Cultural genocide was also a prime mode the Inquisition utilized. Across the Konkan coast, any book written in any Indian languages- especially Sanskrit and Marathi- was rooted out and destroyed, irrespective of subject matter. By 1548, a letter by Joao de Albuquerque proudly declares the task to be almost complete. In 1557, it was declared that any Christian convert would automatically be guaranteed one-third of their Hindu family’s property- and also, ‘further portions thereof on the father’s death’. In 1559, even the marginal attempt at justice was done away with- and only Christians could inherit property. Ultimately in 1684, the Konkani language itself was banned.

Much like in modern Pakistan, Hindu marriages were not recognized– thus making all Hindu children effectively bastards and thus with limited legal rights. The rights of Hindus to practise their customs, keep fasts, worship their gods, and even be brunt after death were declared illegal. BY 1567, over 300 Hindu temples over the Konkan Coast had been reduced to dust. Thousands of years of Art, Sculpture, and Tradition were wiped out. An Orwellian state where Hindus were encouraged to first convert and then betray their families to the merciless inquisitors sprang up.

In multiple regions along the western coast of India, Hindus were even denied the right to keep Hindu names- the effect of which can still be seen in the pidgin Western names proudly flaunted about by ignorant Liberals to this day.

And all thanks to the great Christian saint, Francis Xavier.

Nor do claims that the Inquisition was driven by political, and not religious, considerations hold any water whatsoever. Dellon describes the scope and power of the Inquisition perfectly: ‘The Grand Inquisitor alone… receives more respect than the Archbishop or the Viceroy…. He can cause any of them to be arrested… ( after) receiving secret orders from the ‘Conselho Supremo’ (Head Inquisition at Lisbon’. It is evident that Political power flowed from religious Authority, rather than vice versa.

When one considers this, it is easy to see why Francis Xavier’s brilliant record in converting the ‘savage heathen’ failed the minute he left devastated colonial India and tiny South East Asian islands to land in centralized Japan. The Japanese, in the vast majority of cases, ignored Xavier’s preaching entirely- primarily because unlike in India, there were no massive Portuguese armies in Japan to force the Japanese to see the ‘Truth’.

Nor are claims that Francis Xavier was ignorant of the Inquisition’s actions any less absurd. Readers should remember that the Inquisition had a long history in Europe long before it came to India. It is clear that Francis Xavier would have been perfectly familiar with the methods of this organizations; it would have been absurd if he wasn’t- since Xavier was a member of the Inquisition himself in Europe. In 1540, the young Xavier was a note participant in the first Auto-da-Fe celebrated in Portugal where two innocent people were cruelly burnt alive.

And all thanks to the great Christian saint, Francis Xavier.

Francis Xavier’s popularity among unthinking ‘modern’ Hindus, drunk on their own ‘education’ is as stunning as it is horrifying. There is no lack of sophisticated, modern Indian youth flaunting their erudition and cosmopolitanism, eager to sip from the goblet of deracination. And why not?

Brahmin hatred is a cornerstone of modern Indian hatred. And wasn’t it Xavier who wrote: – ‘‘I want to free the poor Hindus from the stranglehold of the Brahmins and destroy the places where evil spirits (HINDU GODS) are worshipped… The poor people do exactly what the Brahmins tell them…. If there were no Brahmins in the area, all Hindus would accept conversion to our faith.”

Idol worship is ‘uncool’ according to modern Indian Youth, drunk on ‘civilization’ and ‘culture’. And wasn’t it Xavier who wrote: – ‘Order that everywhere the temples of the false gods be pulled down and the idols broken. I know not how to describe in words the joy that I feel before the spectacle of pulling down and destroying the idols…’

This temple-destroying fellow is now a Saint, praised and worshipped by the great agents of the Christian Church in India. And why not?

There are certain ‘Comedy’ groups in India which are known for routinely expressing their base desires to fornicate with their mothers, sisters, dogs, manatees, and other creatures. They regularly and unapologetically insult and disdain the Hindu faith. However, when they did the same to Christianity, they had to travel to meet a certain high-ranking Church official to grovel at his feet for mercy. Ask yourself.

There is no lack of Atheists and Communists in India who spare not one opportunity to mock Hindus and our gods as ‘illogical’ and ‘ignorant’ both online and in real life. But readers will note that their entire ire has always been limited to Hinduism and Hinduism alone. Why? Because unlike Hindus, other religions kill people for mocking them. Readers are encouraged to google the name ‘Sanal Edamaruku’ here. Ask yourself.

Why is Kamlesh Tiwari in prison while intellectuals strut about in public insulting and attacking Shri Rama? Ask yourself.

Why are Hindu schools alone being targeted under the absurd RTE Act while the so-called pro-Hindu Modi regime remains unconcerned? Ask yourself.

Why Hindu temples are alone kept under the purview of unreliable government officials, many of whom aren’t even Hindu themselves while other faiths have full reign over their sites of worship? Ask yourself?

Why don’t NCERT or ICSE ever educated children on the horrors of Christian persecution of Hindus in India? Ask yourself.

Why has there been so little word on the hundreds of Hindu temples turned into powder by the Church in Goa and in multiple other areas? Ask yourself.

Then- why should it be a surprise that this very day, children from St. Xavier’s School in small Duliajan, Assam to St Xavier’s College, Mumbai to the famed Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur will gather to a worship and extol Francis Xavier who was anything but a saint? Why should it be a surprise that one of the bloodiest chapters in Indian history has been hidden for decades by our education system?

Ask yourself- and you’ll find that you already know the answer.