No! Fake Swami Agnivesh, You Cannot Equate Cow Protectors to Terrorists

swami agnivesh cow slaughter
Image Courtesy: Alchetron

There are times when you desperately want somethings to happen. You are so desperate that you tend to overlook the bare facts in any matter. Swami Agnivesh is in a such a conundrum it appears. He wants the cow vigilantes to be booked under anti terror laws while forgetting that there are no anti terror laws in the country and it were the erstwhile media declared ‘secular’ regime that scrapped the last anti terror law that India ever had i.e. the PoTA or the Prevention of Terrorism Act as it was supposedly anti minority.

It seems the self proclaimed Arya Samaji has forgotten that it would be the minorities only who would end up stacking the jails if there happenes to be a dedicated anti terror law, ever!

The death of any person in the name of mob justice is condemnable but if the Adarsh-liberal society thinks, it is an act of terror then so should be the act of cow smuggling and the killing of cow vigilantes. Swami Agnivesh will be a hypocrite if his heart bleeds for a Pehlu Khan but not for a police constable of UP police who was mowed down by a cow smuggler in Bhadohi in 2013.

Inspector Manoj Mishra and a police constable got shot in their heads in Bareilly in 2015. The cow smugglers don’t give a damn about the men in uniform, let alone unarmed civilians trying to stop cow slaughter. So should the police be booked under the anti-terror laws? They wll be if demands of Swami Agnivesh were to be fulfilled.

A certain Prashant Poojari gets hacked to death when he tries to stop cow slaughter in Karnataka. Taking a cue from these incidents, the cow vigilantes keep themselves armed.

Swami Agnivesh chose to keep a stoic silence over these killings because he knows that there is every possibility of him being declared a communal goon, the moment he tries to speak out for them.

Swami Agnivesh needs to rethink on his partisan approach towards those who are putting their lives at stake because the state is unable to check the cow smuggling mafia. The cow vigilantes are rather helping in enforcing the laws of prohibition over cow slaughter that are already there in several states.

A cow vigilante is putting his life at stake for saving the life of another living being unlike those who do it for savoring 72 virgins in Jannat. This is the very fundamental difference between a cow vigilant and a gun wielding Jehadi.

Illegal business leads to illegal gains which are subsumed in illegal pursuits . If Swami Agnivesh is oblivious to the illegal slaughterhouses running in Kainchipur, Sotiganj, Abu Lane areas of Meerut and similar areas in Western Uttar Pradesh then either he is too naive or too hypocrite.

Swami Agnivesh calls himself an Arya Samaji, a sect that believes in protection offered to animals in the Vedas and cow slaughter is the gravest of all the sins that an individual can commit.

On the other hand, Swami Agnivesh chose to stay mum over cow slaughter but went hammer and tongs after those who are trying to save it.

It won’t be astonishing if it is discovered at some point of time that he consumes beef despite being an Arya Samaji. It seems that he has forgotten Swami Omanand, the legendary cow vigilante of Haryana in the 1960s came from Arya Samaj itself. The founder of the Arya Samaj Dayanand Saraswati was the first in India to set up a cow protection council and also the first cattle sanctuary of India in the later part of the 19th century.

Swami Agnivesh seems to have lost the path that Swami Dayanand Saraswati had propogated and is brand of Arya Samaj is totally out of consonance from it. Better asking others to learn humanity, he should first relearn Satyarth Prakash, the magnum opus by Swami Dayanand Saraswati and the values for which Arya Samaj stands for.