The hounding of Right Leaning Celebrities is as shameful as it can get

Sonu Nigam

Well, sometimes I feel baffled as to why my country, India is so strange. Mock the native customs, mock the native festivals, mock the native people, and you’re hailed as an iconoclast, a champion of the cause of secularism, a custodian of the honor of India. However, do the reverse, and target the actual criminals on the job, and you’re derided as a communal prick, a chauvinist, a misogynist, a Sanghi as the list goes on ad nauseam.

The heartthrob of millions, Sonu Nigam must have thought of this carefully, when he bombed the liberal secular gang with his four tweet bombs in the early morning hours of 17th April, deriding the cacophony blaring in the name of the apparently holy Azaan [calling the faithful to prayers]. Sonu Nigam tweeted against the cacophony that apparently disturbed the singer’s sleep, as shown below:-Sonu Nigam

Well, that didn’t go down well with the liberal cum secular gang of Indian intellectuals, who get displeased with even a scratch on their favorite peaceful community. Like a pack of hungry wolves, they pounced upon Mr. Nigam, many lecturing him on the peaceful qualities of the Azaan, while mostly mocking on his audacity to challenge the Islamic superstitions. Forgetting his innumerable services rendered to our motherland, many even mocked him as a singer, labeling him as a failed singer, a flop singer and what not.

Into this league jumped in self proclaimed sycophant of Gandhi family and Congress party spokesperson Sanjay Jha. Notorious for his unblemished sycophancy for the party that has divided and robbed this country for more than 61 years, he posted the following tweet:-Sonu Nigam

So according to him, Sonu Nigam is a failed singer who is venting out his frustration on innocent traditions due to his own joblessness.

He equated him with the likes of controversial singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, whose excessive pride led to his own downfall.

If we start following the logic of Mr. Sanjay Jha, following are the actual biodata of the celebrities who had the audacity to challenge the dogma of pseudo secularism, with which people like Sanjay Jha, Rana Ayyub, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arundhati Roy etc. have tortured us for endless years: –

  • Sonu Nigam – Failed Singer
  • Virendra Sehwag, Yogeshwar Dutt, Babita & Geeta Phogat – Declining Sportsmen
  • Randeep Hooda, Ajay Devgan, Anupam Kher, Akshay Kumar, Abhay Deol – Failed Artistes

Also, according to the same logic, following people would be the epitome of success in their respective fields:-

  • Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal – Ideal Politicians
  • Mohammad Azharuddin – Ideal Sportsman
  • Karan Johar, Swara Bhaskar, Pooja Bhatt, Shruti Seth – Ideal Artistes
  • Rahul Ram – Ideal Singer
  • Gurmehar Kaur, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose – Ideal Thinkers

 We all know what parameters do such pseudo intellectuals use for holding such people in high esteem. I hope the readers haven’t forgotten the roasting that Babita Phogat and Geeta Phogat, the famous wrestler duo, had received for standing up against the rants of pseudo journalist Rana Ayyub. When Yogeshwar Dutt  supported the duo, while counter attacking the liberal, communist influenced brigade of pseudo journalists, wasn’t it our great Javed Akhtar, who mocked them as half literate, as shown below:-Sonu Nigam

Now for the tags Sanjay Jha has imposed on such celebrities for supporting the nationalist sentiments. Yogeshwar Dutt is a declining sportsman, just because he tweets and writes in Hindi, and is inclined to nationalism. Who won the bronze medal, despite a swollen eye and a stiff right leg, in wrestling at London Olympics? Had it not been for hard luck, he would have joined the ranks of Sushil Kumar in winning back to back medals for the country at the Olympics, where only 17 Indians have managed to grab medals individually so far? Can Sanjay Jha even wrestle for a second, forget fighting an entire bout on his own, in the same circumstances?

I haven’t even opened the chapter of the Phogat family, who had to fight their way to glory. The way the Phogat sisters have achieved international fame and recognition, is more than commendable, and isn’t their story a glorious example of women empowerment, which Mr. Sanjay Jha claims to fight for? Or is his fight a rude joke?

Regarding Sonu Nigam, he is the most versatile and popular of the artists after the likes of Kishore Kumar, Mukesh and Udit Narayan, apart from the likes of Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhonsle, to name a few. He has sung more songs and participated in more collaborations with international artists, than Mr. Sanjay Jha would’ve earned in his entire life as the head of Qualcomm. I hate to compare, but if you’re trying to bring such artists down to ignominy, people like Mr. Sanjay Jha should face the music.

How can I forget the likes of Randeep Hooda and Virender Sehwag? True, Mr. Randeep Hooda is not a popular actor, like Shah Rukh Khan. But his acting and his conviction towards his job is far superior than such superstars, and his choice of roles have received accolades from the sensible moviegoers. I’m surprised by the lack of awards he has received for his roles, otherwise there is no way  he shouldn’t have been awarded for his performance in Rang Rasiya, D, Main Aur Charles, Highway, Sarbjit.

And Sehwag, oh Sehwag! The way he has knocked the rivals down, both off and on field, have mesmerized the Indian audience for ages. From ‘Multan ka Sultan’, to the ‘King of Commentary’, Sehwag has come a long way, but his explosiveness hasn’t waned for even a bit. He has scored more triple centuries than people like Mr. Sanjay Jha can even secure for the Congress in Lok Sabha again. Need I say more?

All right, it looks like Sanjay Jha is using the same scale of judgment which one of his idols, Mr. Sanjay Gandhi, had used during the dark days of the emergency. Once, he called over one of the most popular singers of that time, Abhas Kumar Ganguly, or as we know him better, Kishore Kumar, through his trusted sycophant, Vidya Charan Shukla, who had a dictatorial control over the media at that time.

What VC Shukla wanted, was that Kishore Kumar should sing in praise of the 20 points programme that Indira Gandhi had chosen to implement in those dark days. To his chagrin, Kishore Da refused point blank, much like Sonu Nigam criticized the Islamic superstitions. As a result, he was banned from his songs being broadcasted on All India Radio. Although not in power, it seems that Sanjay Jha wants to impose those dark days once again.

What India needs to be aware of, is that the time is over for sycophants, who used to mock India and her charms at will, to satisfy their own lust of power. Even the drama of intolerance won’t work, for a new India is rising, much better, much aware, and much open compared to these hypocrites, who either have grossly misunderstood the sentiments of this new India, or have intentionally closed their eyes to the rising tide, like Tom the cat does in face of the inevitable. Dissent against the criminals was a crime once in India. I hope it won’t be from now on.