Bizarre but True – Loudspeakers are now weapons of cultural warfare


Some ten years ago, the suave residents of a middle-class colony in Delhi were up for a rude surprise. It was a sound of a mind-boggling intensity, something of the kind they had never heard before. Today, this torture has become a part of their daily lives, but something against which they dare not speak, because, the sound was coming from a mosque, and everyone knows the consequences of ‘meddling in the religious affairs’ of Muslims.

The mosque had always been there, although, it had hardly made its presence felt earlier, in the predominantly Hindu area. Till now it merged itself perfectly well in the surroundings. Now, it started to stick out like a sore thumb.

Contrary to what many Muslims are claiming today, these overwhelmingly loud sounds were not limited to 1minute Azans. For days together, they would go on for the entire day, and till late in the evenings.

This incident is not restricted to one mosque or colony. Soon, across India, this violent intrusion into people’s lives became a norm. As if this attack on peace loving people was not enough, this phenomenon coincided with two related events. There was an almost sudden spurt in the Muslim populations in many parts of India, together with the sprouting of innumerable mosques, almost overnight.

E.g., another colony in Delhi, which is surrounded by several Muslim ghettos, suddenly started being bombarded with loud sounds from hundreds of mosques, within an area of a few miles. And, all of them would start blaring their loudspeakers between 4 and 4.30 am, one after the other. It would make the torture thousands of times more severe. Several shrill loudspeakers would blare at the same time with their azans, and even before they would stop, several others would start blowing at their full volume. Even on a normal day, the residents of the large colony would have to bear through the ordeal not only for a minute but for an entire half an hour. Only for many of the loudspeakers to return as the day progressed, with other programs.

Things became so bad that it started to affect people’s lifestyles. Many young and old people who used to go to public parks to do yoga or relish the peaceful mornings in the otherwise hustle and bustle of city lives, found it impossible to cope with this intrusion. They would talk about it in hushed tones, but when someone asked to lodge a police complaint, they all kept quiet. Then someone said, who will risk their life?

The left liberals, as well as several Muslims today claim, that its a non-issue, and all that one needs to do is file a police complaint or talk to the mosques to lower their sounds. However, the ground reality is quite a different story.

Early in 2017, in Khoda in Ghaziabad, neighboring Delhi, a Hindu resident lodged a police complaint about his neighborhood mosque which was doing illegal constructions beyond its boundary. He was brutally attacked by a group of Muslims and last known was in hospital in a serious condition. This is neither an exaggeration nor a one off incident.

Not long ago, a video did rounds on social media where dozens of Muslim youths beat a police constable in Delhi, mercilessly, even as he pleaded for mercy. The cause for the violence was that the cop had challaned three Muslim youths who were triple riding and speeding. This incident occurred near a Muslim ghetto.

Zooming on bikes, by Muslim youths, especially in crowded Hindu localities, creating terror in the local population has become a regular feature. No one dares to stop them, not even the police.

In 2016, two Bangladeshi Muslim youths sped with mind boggling speed from in front of Dr Narang’s house in a posh Delhi colony, nearly missing his son. Dr Narang scolded the two guys for such reckless driving, as any concerned father would. But, when he was threatened by the bike borne youth, he apologized out of sheer terror.

Yet, a large crowd of them led by a couple of women, came back to his house, dragged him out and beat him so brutally with bats, with a jihadi zeal, that he died on the spot. Of course, the leftists as usual, tried to portray this as merely a case of road rage, citing the Hindu names of a couple of them, to obfuscate the jihadi angle. But, in no way was this murder any less severe than other such gruesome killings by Muslim mobs, whether its the Godhra carnage or the recent gruesome beating of a student in Lahore over accusations of blasphemy.

Hindus living in Delhi slums with large Muslim populations (especially of Bangladeshi migrants) often talk in hushed tones about how they live in perpetual fear. In fact, many have claimed that even policemen do not dare to question or arrest Muslims in the ghettos, and there have been many incidents where the cops were beaten and even stripped by Muslim women from these ghettos, when they went to those ghettos for questioning.

Many Hindus will vouch for it, about how they are stared down in a threatening manner when they venture into Muslim ghettos. Most Hindus, by intuition, simply don’t want to dare too close to these ghettos, and no one would dare to venture into a mosque to even suggest that they lower their volume, leave alone lodge a complaint.

Under these abnormal circumstances, it is not enough to have laws forbidding the use of loudspeakers, but, the authorities should pro-actively enforce these laws, and not expect to be approached, before they will act. Because, no one will approach them.

One cannot deny that creating noise is unfortunately, today, a part of Indian culture, at least, in the hinterland. People like to celebrate whatever they are doing, making as much noise as possible. But, it is also true, that, at least, in metros, in the past few decades, the non-Muslim populations have shifted away a great deal from this culture of noise.

In the hinterlands, though, at least, in some places, Hindus are also guilty of using unbearable levels of noise, which should be stopped too. However, there is still a huge difference. These cases are only limited to certain festivals.

Many temples also use loudspeakers for bhajans etc. But, especially in metros, you’d hardly hear their sounds beyond a few hundred meters. Most middle-class Hindus, in metros, lower their loudspeakers in marriages, etc. Also, you can talk to Hindus about the issue and make them change their behavior through creating awareness. It’s not so with Muslims and mosques.


It’s not merely an issue of using loudspeakers. Had it been so, it would have been bearable. The issue is that they raise the volume to the full — and they have extremely powerful amplifiers. Their loudness, really hurts, even from far.  It feels like the eardrums are being ripped apart. It is nothing but violence, a deliberate attack on the kafirs, triggered out of hate. It’s jihad, make no mistake.

Every year, during certain days, in a Delhi colony, groups of Bangladeshi Muslim kids go around shops of mainly Hindu businessmen beating drums so loudly that it can only be described as wanting to create terror. It’s like they want to beat the shit out of those drums. They ask the businessmen for donations, which they promptly comply. Once they entered into a nearby colony during the daytime, beating drums with jihadi zeal and shouting, “Allah hu Akbar,” shocking the residents. One lady asked them to get out of the colony, to which the kids responded threateningly, that it’s their right to worship their Allah.

The violence in these seemingly ‘religious’ acts cannot be denied. They are not merely worshipping. This is most definitely, jihad – loudspeaker jihad. The motive is to instill terror and subjugate the kafirs. It’s the same thing that drives many Muslims to kill and eat cows — to show the kafirs their place. In fact, on the net, a site on Islam, is openly claiming that using loudspeakers for azans and other religious sermons is allowed in Islam as it is ” included in the commands to use all means of strength and jihad.”

Indeed, even in the current debate triggered by a tweet on the topic from Sonu Nigam, there have been several posts on social media openly instigating Muslims to use violence against Sonu Nigam, short of killing him. In fact, an Islamic cleric in West Bengal announced a Fatwa against Sonu Nigam and offered a reward for harming him.

The leftist controlled media is also started a hate vile hate campaign against the singer. BBC for instance ran a false story about there being no mosque around his flat, and no sound of Azan.

Of course, the left liberals would deny it outright and call you communal for even suggesting that this is jihad. But, then they would also call you communal and intolerant for feeling discomfort over the loudspeakers.

Also, while Muslims make excessive use of loudspeakers, especially in areas where many Hindus live, but, they themselves do not tolerate Hindus using loudspeakers even for their occasional religious functions, in the Muslim ghettos, even in otherwise Hindu majority areas. There have been several riots and murders over the use of loudspeakers by the Hindus, even though, these are never as loud or perennial as that of the mosques.

During the run up to the Muzzaffarnagar riots, hundreds of Muslims in a Meerut village brutally lynched an eighty-year-old woman and her son to death because they were singing bhajans on loudspeaker on the occasion of Shivratri. Although, the newspapers barely reported the incident, pictures of the jihadi crowd and of the blood splattered Shiv Ling and slippers of the dead lying around were available on the net.

In 2014, in a crowded slum in Trilokpuri, Delhi, a Mata ki Chowki, which was established close to a mosque became the cause for riots because the Muslims did not want to hear the bhajans near their mosque.

And, while the police or the governments do not dare to ask mosques to lower their volumes, even after complaints, the leftist governments of SP, Mamta and Nitish, etc. would go to great lengths to force temples to take down their loudspeakers (which are used sparingly and with much lower volumes), even as they would allow mosques to continue to blare them throughout the day. These governments claim to act on complaints by Muslims. So, while Muslims want others to listen to loud Azans five times a day, they don’t want to hear the loud speakers of the Hindus, the majority community. As Zakir Naik would say, its because Muslims know for sure that only their god is real and the gods of the kafirs are fake.

In 2014 itself, during Shivratri, the SP government acted swiftly to remove the loudspeakers from a temple in Akbarpur near Moradabad, upon complaints from Muslims of the area, even as they refused to act upon the loudspeakers of the mosques in the vicinity. This led to a riot like situation which the SP government stifled forcefully.  Actually, there have been thousands of cases of rioting by Muslims over the use of loudspeakers by Hindu temples, in UP itself, in the recent years, even as the SP played vote bank politics and refused to protect the Hindus. So much so that it became a huge political issue, which BJP took up in Moradabad for the first time. Although, the leftist media instead accused BJP of instigating communal tensions.

Thousands of such cases across India, clearly show that the entire loudspeaker thing is NOT about the right to worship, BUT is a matter of jihad. Of subduing and terrorizing the majority community for being Kafirs.

Although, ordinarily, the best course of action would be to start an education process and create an awareness in the Muslim population about the use of loudspeakers and about showing respect for the others. However, this is almost an impossible task, considering any such move would be seen by the community as an ‘interference in their religious affairs,’ something which invokes, gory violence.

In 2014, in Bhopal, the members of an animals’ rights organization, including a Muslim woman, were almost lynched, when they tried to talk to Muslims about vegetarianism, ahead of Bakrid.

Therefore, this problem needs to be dealt with at the government level and a permanent solution needs to be found. Things cannot be left to the discretion of individuals. Also, when there is a hue and cry, the mosques may stop blaring loudspeakers for some time, but, they will return again, as the dust settles. We need strong measures, not targeting mosques specifically, but, strictly policing the use of excessive noise for any kind of event.

Things are different today, than they were in 2014, when the left was in power, which gave a free run to the extremist elements in Islam. Today, in the Modi and Yogi raj, the sane elements in Islam are empowered and its possible both to have a dialogue on this issue, as well as to create new laws and implement them strictly.

Before we go, here is a list of some of the incidents of Muslim riots over Hindu use of loudspeakers

-Muslim mob beats up a Hindu driver for playing bhajans in front of a mosque on his auto in Bareilly

-Muslims forcibly stop loudspeaker aarti in Mirapur, UP

-Muslims burn and loot Hindu shops and houses over use of loudspeaker for bhajans in Ghaziabad, UP

-Muslims force the removal of loudspeaker from Dalit temple in Amroha

-Muslims forcibly stop the DJ in a Hindu wedding. Throw stones on the wedding procession in Saharanpur

-Music system of Hindu procession forcibly stopped in Bijnaur

Muslims brutally beat up a mostly woman group of PETA peacefully advocating for a vegan Eid in Bhopal