Fooling Hindus like a pro – The dangerous games of Western Indologists

max muller indologist
F. Max Mueller / Foto um 1895 Mueller, Friedrich Max Indologe u. Historiker, Dessau 6.12.1823 - Oxford 28.10.1900. Portraetaufnahme, um 1895.

Each time I google the word ‘Indology’, to my surprise I find that the number of Europeans and Americans highly outnumber the Indians. It is very strange to find that we read what has been written for us by the ‘White’ supremacists and we did not even spare a thought to cross check the facts laid down by these experts of Indian History and culture. We even did not care to read their work in the light of their evangelical background that wanted to strip Hinduism of all its greatness.

The narratives were set up very deftly to set up the Sanatan Dharma as the root cause of all the evils.

The common names that we come across which stand out as the patriarch of Indology are H.H. Wilson, Max Muller, Albert Weber, Monier M Williams, Rudolph Roth etc. who initiated the so called study of Indology by mostly translating the Sanskrit works of ancient India to European Languages and distorting them with ease by cleverly leveraging the prime mover’s advantage.

The study of Indology in Europe initiated with Eughene Burnouf on the chair of professor of Sanskrit in France and the coming of age of his 2 disciples Rudolph Roth and Max Muller in between 1802-1840.

In the year 1833 H.H. Wilson became the Boden Prof of Sanskrit in Oxford and he was followed up by Monier M Williams as the successor.

Monier Williams in his will dated Aug 15, 1811 AD stated ‘the object of the Boden Chair of Professor for Sanskrit to enable his countrymen to proceed in conversion of the natives of India to Christianity.’

His guru H.H. Wilson wrote a book titled The Religious and Political System of Hindus explaining that his lectures aimed at the best refutation of the Hindu Religious System.

Max Muller is widely considered as the father of Indology.

His aversion for Hinduism, is evident from the letters that he wrote which were published in 2 Volumes after his death as a book compiled under the title of “Life and Letters of Fredrick Max Mueller”.

In 1866 Max Muller wrote to his wife, “This edition of mine and translation of the Veda will hereafter tell to a great extent on the fate of India… It is the root of their religion and to show them what the root is, I feel sure is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from the last thousand years.” (Vol 1,Ch.XV,pg346)

Similarly Max Muller writes to his son,”Would you say that any sacred book is superior to all others in the world? I say the New Testament after that I should place the Koran which in its moral teachings is hardly more than a later edition of New Testament.” ( Vol II,Ch.XXXII,pg.339).

Again in Vol I, Ch. XVI, pg. 378 Max Muller writes in a letter dated December 16th, 1868 to the Duke of Argyl,”The ancient religion of India is doomed and if Christianity does not step in, whose fault will it be?”

Sadly, this fellow is celebrated as a mascot of Indian culture.

Similarly, another ideological war was being waged by the Evangelical missionaries in Germany under the leadership of Albert Weber. Bankim Chandra in his work, Krishnacharita called it as a misfortune of India when Albert Weber started to learn Sankrit.

He is credited to have come up with a Sanskrit to German dictionary titled ‘Sanskrit Worterbuch”. His contemporary German Historian Prof. Goldstucker was so miffed with the discrepancies in this work that he called the work as ‘a perfect derangement of his (Albert Weber’s) mental faculties”.

Almost similar is the story of other noteworthy names whose books form the core of the history syllabus in our Central Universities. Be it Richard Garbe, Rudolph Hoernle or Winternitz who called the Rig Veda as the religious poetry of the Hebrews.

The deep rooted Christian-Hebrew bias is evident because of their inability to digest the fact that there can be civilizations which are more than 4000 years old in existence. They arbitrarily fixed the age of Egyptian and Sumerian Civilizations and later the Indus Valley was shown to be running in parallel to these civilizations.

The idea of a 100,000 year old civilization appeared both incredible and inconceivable to the dedicated servants of the Cross.

Hence they came up with Aryan Invasion Theory to appropriate the Vedic Culture by portraying that the fair skinned Indians were Eurasians, the equation of the Varna Vyavastha as the caste system and so on and so forth.

What is more painful is the fact that there have been no serious attempts by the Indians to refute this forced history. We have happily accepted what we have been told and fight whatsoever attempts are made to correct the distortions.