Liberal academicians are now turning gullible Hindu Kids against Hindu Practices


The NCERT panel threw up a gem of a question when they posed the following question in the Class 12th board exam biology paper:-

“Public all over India is very much concerned about the deteriorating air quality in large parts of India. Alarmed by this situation the residents welfare association of your locality organised an awareness programme entitled “Bury, not burn.” They invited you being a biology student to participate. How would you justify your arguments that promote burying and discourage burning? (Give two reasons)”Hindu

Let’s answer this question first before moving ahead: – Cremation is polluting, but the long-term maintenance of a grave is quite a bigger task. Burials pose a severe risk on the quality of groundwater and increases land use. And in today’s cities cramped for space, burial grounds will soon run out of space. The pollution caused by cremation doesn’t last for more than a day. Burying of course, has more to do with the concept of judgement day/qayamat (where the one and only god will judge the true believers when the world ends to send them to heaven eternally and all others to hell) than environment. The gods of Hindu dharma reappear in every eon (the closest English translation of the word ‘yuga’) as Hinduism itself isn’t rooted in a fixed time period but stretches across space and time, as it believes in endless cycle of creation and destruction of the universe(s). Hence there is no concept of ‘eternal’ hereafter. Most Hindus prefer cremation, and that’s why as per secular consciousness, cremation must be banned.

That’s why if you ask any secular, the reason for environmental hazards in India is Diwali and cremation. Both of these cause pollution, global warming and deforestation. CFC emissions, industrial waste, illegal construction, fossil fuel emissions, climatic factors like smog etc are very minor things in comparison. In fact who knows, if cremation is banned, cars may start emitting water vapour and aircraft will start producing oxygen. But these pesky Hindus don’t listen….

But that goes with all Hindu festivals, Holi is where women are molested (learn something from Shariah about honouring women, stupid Hindus) , Shivratri is where milk is wasted(while dairy companies throwing away excess stock of milk is totally fine), Ramnavmi bhajans aren’t as melodious as Azan or Choir music.


Can’t you celebrate something more civilized , Hindus, like say Halloween?

In many villages across Pakistan, Hindus are not allowed to cremate their dead. In many other cases, they are not even allowed burial, and their remains are left to rot outside the village limits. Making life a living hell for idolaters is a duty for a monotheist, and he takes it to the next level when he doesn’t allow them peace even after they are dead. Certainly, the all knowing shapeless sky god wills it. After all, isn’t he merciful?

The attitude shown by our various education boards for anything Hindu is not very different from what our neighbouring friends have. But then, the Hinduphobia of our academia should hardly be a surprise, considering that we made a Maulana our first education minister, who was an ardent supporter of Khilafat movement and gave speeches for Indian Muslims to join this jihad (which did play a part in the fact that 18000 Muslims from India went to fight for the Ottomans ), who saw partition as something which prevented the final conquest of the ummah over India.

There is hardly any doubt that NCERT and ICSE are full of left leaning , Hinduphobic officials (The only hope is various state education boards, but with a six decade plus glorious tradition of vote bank managers as chief ministers, this hope isn’t very strong), who have spared no efforts to eradicate India’s history prior to 7th century (except glorifying Alexander) and show it as the history of invaders thereafter.

Ancient India begins with the invasion of the Aryans who invaded (a theory that has been discarded by everyone except our leftists and Dravidian parties because it is hogwash) and  massacred the Indus valley civilization people (who we are told weren’t Hindus, haha) and imposed Vedas and Hinduism on Dasysus (boo hoo) ,Medieval India begins with Ghazni’s invasion and ends with Bahadur Shah Zafar (who is shown as some patriot).

Modern India begins with the arrival of Robert Clive and continues with Chacha Nehru’s legacy. No reference to more than one page to any revered figure in Hindus, nor the great Hindu empires in more than one paragraph. Like they were just a blip on the horizon, a small obstruction to the ‘’great’’ sultans and Mughals and the governor generals.

Just a small example of the self hatred promoted as history education:-Samudragupta isnt great. Vikramaditya isnt great. Rajraja Chola isnt great. Rana Pratap isn’t great. Chhatrapati Shivaji isn’t great. Its only Ashoka the Great and Akbar the Great. That’s because Ashoka abandoned Hinduism and accepted Buddhism after the Kalinga war (He didn’t, he was a Buddhist well before it, it was his reign that started the downfall of Hinduism which continues till today) promoted peace (by brutally putting down dissent). In fact, the Mauryas after him were so popular that no one lifted a hand when the last Maurya ruler was beheaded openly by his general, Pushyamitra.

Akbar because of course he was a Mughal, and someone who promoted religious tolerance. If you call massacring 30000 unarmed captives in Chittorgadh, asking Hindus to wear yellow patches, getting Hindu women into harems as religious tolerance, so be it. His rule was only slightly better than the Delhi Sultanate. His so called religious tolerance existed only for his Hindu generals and officials. So, kids, in plain words, no Hindu king can be great.

Forget about portraying ancient or medieval India correctly, not even post independent India is portrayed correctly. There is absolutely no mention of the 1948, 1962, 1965 or 1971 wars, terrorist insurgencies in Nagaland, Manipur, Punjab and Kashmir, no mention of emergency of 1975-77, or for that matter any important happening which will make the student ponder as to what went wrong and how can such mistakes be avoided in future.

What do kids learn in independent Indian history then? That how great the soviet style five year plans were. How much public money was put down the drain is of course, classified info. If we are making kids learn how great central planning and socialism is, teach them to ridicule people trying to run business as Lalaji, that profit is a dirty word, that all facilities and amenities should be served on a platter, you can forget about innovative minds in the country. Sure they will get their degrees, may land up seven or eight figure pay jobs in MNCs, but none of them will be an inventor or a visionary.

We have paid a heavy price for leaving our academia to be taken over by the leftists. Their vice like grip over arts, history, archaeology and journalism is complete. Thank god they are not smart enough to control pure sciences otherwise today we would have dentists knocking off teeth with chisel and hammers and call it breakthrough medicine. But now they are pushing their agenda in pure sciences syllabus. Tomorrow don’t be surprised if copper and gold is demonized because of their importance in Hindu culture.  Or that the flame of a lamp used in worship is more damaging than carbon monoxide from a vehicle. Somewhere this has to stop. If someone could tell the stupid parents who gloat about their kids going to a ‘’convent’’ school that they owe a responsibility to make their children think beyond what is taught to them. Too much to ask?