Digvijay Singh calls PM Modi a Hero, asks Rahul Gandhi to leave the Congress party

Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh was clean bowled by BJP’s swift and precise surgical strike when they, despite claiming lesser seats, went on to form the government in Goa. After this mammoth “goof-up”, Digvijay Singh’s life has turned upside down.

The Congress high command has been roasting him for this loss. Rahul Gandhi is said to be very annoyed with Diggi Raja and according to party insiders, Rahul Gandhi even asked for Digvijay Singh’s resignation.

According to the same insiders, Digvijay Singh sulked for about an hour and then called a meeting of party loyalists. What started as a sulking session soon turned into an anti-boss ranting session.

Digvijay Singh went on to call Narendra Modi a hero and rated him as the best prime minister ever. He called him Bharat Mata ka Sachcha sipahi as well. Then Digvijay Singh started his anti-Rahul monologue. As per the Party Insiders, Digvijay Singh said “I think Pappu is too kind, Rahul Gandhi is a lallu. We should start calling him Lallu Gandhi”.

The insiders confirmed that as soon as Digvijay Singh started bickering, a cloud of gloom descended in the room. Party loyalists like Kamal Nath and Jairam Ramesh were seen frowning. Mani Shankar Aiyar called it blasphemy. Shashi Tharoor however seemed interested and is even reported to be smiling for most part of the session.

Digvijay Singh called Rahul Gandhi the loss mascot of Congress and even asked him to leave the Congress Party.

Amazing no, when a fake news starts sounding like a real news. But Digvijay Singh has said nothing of this sort and he never will, because sycophancy runs very deep in the party and oldtimers like Diggi Raja know the importance of being a family loyalist.

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