Will Muslims be safe in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh?

Yogi Adityanath Muslims

Most of us have heard childhood funny ghost stories in which a ghost would eat children or kill them if they skip lunch/dinner or venture outside alone. All of us gradually came to realise about the white lies of these ghost stories and adjusted accordingly, but what if I tell you that there are still many full-grown adults who are yet to come out of their childhood fears. The case of the (many) Indian Muslims also remains the same.

Due to the continuous brainwashing by the Mullahs and clerics and the lack of education among the majority of their population, a fear psychosis has been installed in Muslim community that anyone criticizing Muslim practices is bad and that the greater Muslim community was never a part of India as their ancestors were from far-fetched lands in Arabia and Persia. Md. Ali Jinnah whom I wouldn’t hesitate in calling a suited booted and English speaking version of Osama Bin Laden also propagated this through his two nation theory, that Muslims in India are not a part of the mainstream population and they are two different nations.

Jinnah is long gone but his words remain and this feeling of “not being a native of the land” has led to hard feelings and heightened communal sentiments across the country.

If we look at the example of Gujarat which has often been referred to as a Hindutva laboratory has made the maximum progress among all Indian states in the last 15 years. Narendra Modi who was vilified by the same minority and a section of media turned Gujarat into a growth story. The Gujarat story goes on to show that when development and safety are the priorities of a state government, the state treads on the path of holistic development. Now look at the states governed by so called secular parties like RJD, TMC, SP, CPIM or even the Congress Party. Their governance has been marred by communal riots, general inefficacy and overall retardation in every growth parameters.

The Muslim society stands at an interesting juncture. They need to take a call. They need to decide if they stand with the pseudo-secular forces who do nothing but keep them alienated and poor and deprived and those who are vilified as communal and fascist forces but have brought development to their doorsteps.

They need to take a call if they stand with uniform civil code which makes them equal to the majority Hindus or continue following medieval laws like Triple Talaq, Polygamy, Madrassa education, Lack of women rights.

‘Sab ka Saath and Sab ka Vikas’ can only be possible when Muslims can fight their radical clerics and closet-jihadis off.

Yogi Adityanath is a five-time Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur winning continuously from 1998.

Yogi Adityanath is one of the youngest Chief Ministers in India without any family name and this only been possible due to his incorruptible image and continuous dedication to the welfare of his people across all sections of society.

Yogi Adityanath’s Gorakhpur has not seen riots like Muzaffarnagar, there have been no mass exodus of people like Kairana and hasn’t registered a single case of terror-related activities like Azamgarh.

Yogi Adityanath’s vilification is just like the vilification of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Both are fear psychosis tricks. Both are ghost stories. Both are hoaxes perpetuated by Muslim Clergy and Secular Media.