SFI is back to its Peaceful ways, this time in Kerala

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Video Still from Times Now

Young and liberal SFI students following the path of Mahatma Gandhi dissented the intolerant, goons i.e ABVP members. They peacefully and with their independent and thought provoking ideas which will surely result in ‘Inquilaab’ and lead to ‘Azaadi’ confronted ABVP members who gathered at Kerala Varma college for some event.

SFI members just used wooden planks measuring 5 feet and hurdled boulders in a very peaceful and organised way so that it does not result in human loss. The Anchor you will see in the video is not a fan of Batman and does not believe that ‘theatricality and deception’ are powerful agents , so he did not call mime actors to show their skills on Mohammed Rafi’s masterpiece ‘Baagon main Bahaar Hain’ and also because of limited production budget dropped the idea of interviewing the victims of SFI with maple leaves in the background.

Mainstream media owned by ruling party will not dare to show the plight of SFI students in Kerala Ramjas college. And daily ‘leading’ newspaper, The Hindu, will support the goondaism of ABVP by posting SFI student leader thrashing ABVP members tomorrow because everyone is sold out as it happened in Ramjas.

How come when every media house showed that ABVP members thrashed leftist student unions in Ramjas college, The Hindu posted one of our comrades photo in full wrong context. The answer is only to malign SFI image , so everyone is sold out.

SFI ideology is crystal clear that only planks and boulders will be used to dissent ABVP members because non violence is what SFI supports . SFI would ask agenda based unbiased journalists to bring in Freedom of speech and Intolerance debate and request english TV anchors to deliver a spiel and bring in new fancy words as it will help to improve audience vocabulary also. SFI condemns ABVP for calling such journalist stooges.

If this SFI ‘peaceful’ vigilantism against ABVP is not supported by leaders across the party line then the democracy is going to die.

So SFI requests Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechury(alias Sitarong Yechury), Arvind Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee, K C Tyagi and Lalu Prasad Yadav ( a great leader in whose tenure one of our dynamic comrade, Late Chandrasekhar Prasad, a young leader who was a drop out of National Defence Academy, was killed in broad daylight while addressing a public meeting in Bihar Siwan’s district on March 31,1997 , but SFI showing its large heartiness forgive Shri Lalu Prasad owing to his secular politics, ABVP may term this move as hypocrisy as they are haters) to join this Save democracy and Freedom of Expression movement.