Who has authorized Aslan to broadcast filth in the name of analysis of Hindu religion?

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In India, certain ‘comedy shows’- if the term can even be used for human-manatee hybrids loudly proclaiming their desires to fornicate with their own mothers and sisters- have been shut down when certain ‘aficionados of Italian customs’ complained- even though similar ‘comedy’ vitriol on Hinduism goes on uninterrupted around the clock in our Fascist Hindu State. Similarly, a bunch of people being murdered in some random country in South-East Asia is enough to have thousands of rioting, howling ‘minorities’ running riot in the streets of Mumbai- attacking policemen, burning shops and vehicles, and desecrating memorials to soldiers with impunity- to the deafening silence of the media and our intellectuals.

Clearly- the government of India believes Hindus to be a superior breed of human beings who can be trusted not to behave like rabid savages when they are attacked.

Such assurance would’ve been a matter of pride if not for the fact that- instead of being applauded for the discipline and self-sacrifice Hindus have demonstrated again and again and again, the Community remains a byword for barbarism, savagery, and ignorance across the World.

CNN and Reza Aslan merely wrote the latest chapter in the Bible (wink, wink) of Hinduphobia when they released the odious pile of racist vitriol- or as it has been described by Western media- ‘a documentary series about spirituality around the globe’.

In one of most cringe-worthy pieces of Hinduphobia bile made recently, Aslan went around snacking on human brain, getting drunk on (literally) bloody wine, and trying to portray Hindus as savage packs of unwashed, unread cannibals who have declared war on civilization itself.

Aslan- who teaches Creative writing at the University of California at Riverside- clearly let all his creative juices flow when crafting his diatribe against Hinduism, clearly only too eager to join the rest of his august company such as:-

The Editors of BBC- noted Hindu-haters whose disdain for Hindus runs so deep that noted commenter Alasdair Pinkerton of the noted Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television had to call them out: ‘(BBC’s coverage of India)… shows pervasive Indophobic bias’. Readers should note that unlike India’s vast range of media choices, the English depend almost exclusively on BBC for their news. One wonders what results nigh 70 years of constant India-hatred might have on English kids…?

Leslie Udwin- the famed Film-maker whose repertoire consists of a single work where she demonstrates the epitome of valiant film-making by bribing interviewees, gaining entry into prisons under false pretences, and editing videos to show Indian men as the slavering gang-rapists they are. Her efforts bore visible fruit when a German professor denied an internship to a deserving Indian boy by stating that the ‘Indian tendency to rape’ would be a danger to the girls in her class. One wonders just how many such foreign professors weren’t so dumb as to go public with their Hindu hatred and invite scorn.

Readers will note that this is Germany- the same Germany that has no problems covering up rape epidemics among its refugees. Known agents for ISIS are treated better than Hindu men in Europe.

Al Jazeera- the mouthpiece of Wahhabi tyrannies the World over, whose dodged pursuit of the Truth has led them to places like the Albanian sex slave markets for Arabs and Pakistani torture chambers for Pashtuns and… Erm, no… Instead, the Al Jazeera is most known for its tirades on the subject of Kashmir and how Fascist Hindu Indians are torturing minorities all day, every day. One wonders why the ‘minorities’ just don’t leave if they don’t like it? India isn’t North Korea, after all.

Nevertheless- the bigger mystery here would be what business Reza Aslan even had pontificating at us about Hinduism?

While Reza Aslan might pass himself off as a Professor of Religion, the truth is that he isn’t. Reza Aslan has a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction from Iowa. Doubtless he worked hard for it- but one wonders how a predilection for Creative Writings qualifies one to speak on Vedanta or Samkhya. Aslan’s other degrees include one in sociology and another in (Christian) Theology. Readers who might have read the Bible- and I hope any Christian readers don’t hide this- might have noticed a distinct undertone regarding all Biblical passages regarding ‘idolaters’; an undertone that rhymes with ‘MURDER-RAPE’. Aslan’s own choice in Religious matters is fairly interesting.

In his spare time, Reza Aslan can be found attacking secular governments for taking precautions against Islamist theocracies, challenging military action against ISIS by making absurd fantasies about ‘cosmic war’, and waxing eloquent on why he doesn’t see the need to criticize Jihadis while making jokes on Facebook about how Hindus like eating burnt brains- much to the joy of his primarily White readership.

Rightlog’s criticism for Aslan’s actions go beyond such overt themes. Too often passion overrules logic. To prevent this, we have commented here only after watching the Show.
Aslan deliberately and constantly plays up the Aghori tradition for Social service and Mercy- but instead of presenting it just as a part of the Aghori practice, he constantly contrasts it with ‘general’ Hinduism. The image that he presents is of a Hindu who doesn’t care for their fellow man. This, he plays up to the eleven by presenting the Temple authorities of Varanasi as blind to the maintenance of the Ganga and the ghats- when the truth is that the secular Government of India- by confiscating all incomes from Hindu temples- renders them powerless to even maintain themselves, a state of affairs even the godless Chinese communists don’t indulge in.

Further, he paints a picture of the Caste system as litany of Brahmin atrocities upon other castes- a nonsensical idea even back in the 18th Century Jat controlled UP, let alone today when brahmins are a non-entity in the UP elections. Of course- Reza Aslan neglects to mention that Caste is an Indian phenomenon- not a Hindu one- with Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, etc having Castes of their own. Further- as Rightlog has once discussed– Christian and Muslims lower castes have far less power or rights than those in Hinduism.

Reza Aslan also ignores the fact that his own Middle Eastern communities still have their own version of the ‘Caste’ system. Gulf tribes with black ancestry can’t marry into the ‘higher’ tribes. The Burakamin tradition of Japan endures silently to this day. The European Class structure endured until the World Wars when unbridles industrialization and Total War encouraged equality, the case with China as well. The Cambodian communists also got rid of the Social stratification in their own nation- by committing genocide under Pol Pot.

Readers should also mark here that the word ‘Caste’ itself isn’t Indian in origin- and comes from Latin America where the hierarchy ran from Whites to half-breed descendants of Whites and brown Native Americans to Native Americans down to the enslaved Blacks from Africa. Which is why you have the absurd notion of Brahmins being ‘fairer’ than lower castes- which can be refuted the minute one places a Punjabi Jat and a Tamil Brahmin side by side.

Reza Aslan portrays Aghori as the most benevolent sect of Hinduism. In contrast, he paints Hinduism as a religion of filthy, status obsessed barbarians who share all the quirks of the Aghori- such as cannibalism and lack of grooming- and none of their virtues- kindness, detachment, and benevolence. (Readers will note here that Aslan managed to piss off an Aghori as well by his actions; the man clearly is an obnoxious little twerp).

As any moderately observant traveller might have noted- the Whites’ loathing towards Hinduism far outstrips ANY alleged religious bias in the West- such as the idea of ‘Islamophobia’.

Think back at the recent attacks on Hindus and Sikhs in the US; how many Liberals and Feminists protested against this, the same Liberals and Feminists who were up in arms during Trump’s vetting of immigrants from select unstable Islamic states (not a ‘Muslim ban’, BTW)?


Here we must keep in mind that Feminists instinctively hate Hinduism with a bile they don’t reserve for any other faith in the World. Dr Annette G Beck-Sickinger, the infamous German Professor from earlier in the article, was convinced that her actions were feminist in nature. We see feminists howling about a single temple restricting entry for women aged between 10 and 50- while celebrating the joys of hijab and triple talaq.

There exists an unholy alliance between Liberals and anti-Hindu faiths that transcends borders and decades. We have described this alliance in India, in Europe, both today as well as in the past decades.

Which is why an open crypto-Islamist of the likes of Reza Aslan can run amok peddling his bile against Hinduism in the open, and crying ‘intolerance’ when his credentials are rightly questioned- as Fox News once did. Instead of countering it in the true spirit, Aslan changed his tune into one of Islamophobia, in which case the Liberal hordes rushed over to defend him. In contrast- where were these hordes when an Indian was pushed into a subway tracks a few years ago?

No- instead Hindus, in recent years, have constantly been held up as examples of traitors to the ‘Liberal cause’ by often coming out in support of Trump, a stance that seems to justify their murder and persecution. Of course- only a fool would believe the adage that the enemy of an enemy is a friend; both the Western Right and Left are our foes. But why not Trump- especially when the Indian intelligentsia can often be found grovelling in front of pale-skinned, angrezi-spewing pretty boys like Trudeau or Aslan?

The Indian’s refusal to see the truth to refuse to recognize the hatred and vitriol the West reserves for him and his kind, his blindness to the Culture war- or KulturKampf, as Bismarck once termed it when he encountered it in his own Germany, his meek acquiesce to the siren calls of faux freedoms called Feminism and Freedom of Expression- all of these weaken him, drag him down, destroy the very State. The West is where White-skinned hordes jeer about Indians ‘breeding like pigs’ when a 70-year old Sikh couple describe their efforts to raise their first child. The Gulf is where dark-skinned hordes mock and denigrate Indians for ‘dying like flies’ while building their slave towers. Both export hatred and terror to our lands. And we are ‘intolerant’ if we show spine and refuse to accept it.

More than a hundred years ago, the man who built Germany- Otto von Bismarck declared: – ‘It is the destiny of the weak to be devoured by the strong.’

As one watches Aslan chomp down on the brain of some poor dead Hindu, we can only wonder whether we will even be lucky enough to go out in blazing fire?