Now BJP needs to prove that Ram Mandir was not a Jumla!

ram Mandir ayodhya bjp
Image Courtesy: Vishwa Samvada Kendra

Now that the fate of UP is decided and BJP seems to be poised to make the government in the state ending its political exile after 15 years, many issues will crop up before the new government. One of the issues will be the construction of a grand Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. It was something that was mentioned by the leaders of the BJP during the elections.

So, one can conclude that it were the blessings of Lord Ram that has catapulted the BJP to the power. One of the few things that the BJP needs to understand is that Ram Mandir is not mutually exclusive to development. The two can coexist. The mandate is equally for the Ram Mandir and development which has assumed its importance as a major poll plank of the BJP. The debate was never of a temple versus the development at Ayodhya but of a Mosque Vs a Temple.

To settle the Ram Mandir matter once and for all at Ayodhya is the duty of BJP as it was somehow responsible for the mess that the temple issue is in today. The matter would have been sealed easily in 1992 but BJP allowed itself to be taken for a ride by VP Singh when his government referred the entire matter to Judiciary and allowed the construction of a temple be governed by irrelevant Anglo Saxon laws. The Central Government is the custodian of the land that was acquired in 1992 around the temple premises and now that it is in power in the state and the centre, the BJP can amend the acquisition by freeing the undisputed area of its jurisdiction.

The construction of the Ram Mandir is also a debt on BJP as it is the consolation price that can be offered to the dedicated vote bank of the BJP given the fact that the fate of Kashi and Mathura is sealed.

Moreover it is necessary for the BJP to prove the sincerity in its intentions. The name of Lord Ram cannot be used by the BJP again and again for political mileage. If it again turns out to be a ‘Jumla’ then BJP will have nothing to offer to its loyal voters who have stayed with it in its thick and thin. That BJP never hit the rock bottom and always enjoyed over 18% of the votebank meant that the loyalists wanted to see a temple at the Birthplace in Ayodhya.

The victories in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand provide the BJP with the necessary strenth in the Rajya Sabha to move an amendment act in the Parliament and freeing Lord Ram ever from the clutches of politics.

Lastly, the Ram Mandir is the emblem that will mark the freedom of the Indian population from the years of slavery of the Turks who stayed alien to India, looted and plundered it in its every breath. To flex your own identity is no crime and the Hindus need to learn it their consolidation is the only way of their existence and a grand Ram Mandir is just a way to achieve it.