Media didn’t learn anything from their Modi experiment, and we are not complaining

lutyens media yogi adityanath

“Finally, the Titanic will now hit the Iceberg! Thank God!” For the last five years, the prophecy of the Lutyens Johnnies (Or as you would like to call them, “(Psuedo) Liberal Media”, “Lutyens based Mediapersons, most of the mainstream media or the left-liberal media) has been consistently failing. Yogi Adityanath has been declared the Chief Minister for UP. Finally, their prophecies will see the light of the day. Finally ray of hope has pierced through the dense fog of the night for them. Finally, the #BanFairnessInReporting channels and the like feel the sense of much awaited closure. Muslims will now potentially perish. Minorities will finally vanish from the map of India. Holocaust will be revisited. They will now “build Ram Mandir”. These Lutyens Johnnies will now peacefully sleep. Modi and his “Saffron” brigade has come out of the closet. The so called “Secular” fabric of this nation will finally be tailored as it was initially planned by the BJP. Right from 2012 when Modi was being declared a BJP favourite for the Prime Ministerial candidate to Yogi Adityanath being declared the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017. The fear mongering machine of the Lutyens Johnnies has been lubricated yet again. The incorrigibility of these antagonists is out in the open again, but this time to confirm a trend, perhaps a pattern.

Just when everybody thought that the Lutyens lobby was hung out to dry (with its shoddy narrative of fear and mayhem if the BJP comes into power) with the unprecedented thumping victory of Narendra Modi led BJP, Yogi Adityanath is seen as a new lifeline for such people. Modi by now, might have graduated from their hit list. Yogi Adityanath will give them sufficient content to survive if not resurge. It could be argued that there is a cyclic pattern to this media outreach which the BJP has learned to excellently exploit in its favour.

The Lutyens controlled “Liberal” free media is already playing a narrative of betrayal by the BJP.

A narrative that the BJP is seemingly “Junking the development in U.P.?” for the sake of Hindutva agenda. “BJP has finally shown their true colours”, they say. They are endorsed by the rather puny opposition party spokespersons like those of the BSP, Congress etc in crying foul. The media like always, is already propagating a sense of being cheated. Since, 2013. There has been no election where the mainstream media has fallen short of claiming a holocaust every time the BJP has a chance of coming into the power. BJP has apparently tamed this fear spewing dragon. While the media tries to keep an absolutely air-tight scrutiny of even the minutest communal tension in any BJP run area of the country, the BJP is quietly working for the holistic development of each and every citizen of this country. So, this narrative of the BJP being a communal force and how the party will burn every minority who comes near them is keeping the major media to focus away from governance. Development based governance, which the BJP had made its main poll agenda in these elections, even above the RamJanam Bhoomi issue, is being allegedly compromised by placing a CM who is a proud Hindu. Development based governance, which the Modi led governments have indiscriminately tried to deliver, be it State or the Centre, have once again shown their true colours. The Lutyens based media does not seem to be learning. Yogi Adityanath and his credentials as an administrator are already being prejudged under the garb of labelling him a communal man.

If the media tries to portray and project a communal undertone or overtone for every proud and unapologetic Hindu that enters the political fray, the people will reject any such imposition with twice as much force and contempt. This confidence to reject such perception of the Lutyens lobby comes from the solid background of the holistic development that the Prime Minister and his team are working on. The media might not show it. The media might not divulge it. But then who cares what the mainstream media has to say anymore. They are now becoming a victim of their own narrative. When the people on the grass root level are experiencing a policy, they do not need a report from someone sitting in Delhi to tell them on how the people on the ground should feel and react to a proud Hindu leader who is working for them.

Yogi Adityanath is a Hindu who calls a spade a spade. He does not mince his words.

He was always there campaigning in the UP during the elections. The pseudo liberals from Lutyens can already be seen jumping the gun by reporting this fake sense of betrayal. Ram rajya and holistic development can co-exist. In fact, both the ideas are interchangeable. To the dismay of the naysayers they are not and will not be in contravention. Modi goes to Varanasi to pray, but not at the expense of the development of any community. The sense of fear is a myth and it will remain to be so. The Congress, SP, BSP just played the fear and did not work on the ground. The media and its partners are actually scared of positively effecting the society in UP irrespective of the caste and community. Modi has done it. I do not see any reason for Yogi to no follow suit.

These Lutyens Johnnies will again embark on a journey of isolation and irrelevance. For every albatross that they hunt and hang on their shoulders, they will stand still and thirsty in the ocean of oblivion. Only to reach the shore someday and sing their ballads. “Hindu here, Hindu there, not a drop to bleed”.