Dear Karan Johar, why should Kangana leave Bollywood?

kangana karan johar
Image Courtesy: NDTV Movies

Our world is a strange place where the rich and powerful play dirty games in the backstage while coming up all diplomatic and masquerading as people of the masses in their public lives. One such tactic used by them is Nepotism. According to Oxford Dictionary, Nepotism means-“The practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.”

The Incident: Recently it created an uproar when Kangana Ranaut called Karan Johar, a ‘Flag-bearer of Nepotism’ and compared Karan Johar and his gang of friends which basically include most of the Hindi Film Industry as “Bollywood Mafia”.

Kangana also said, “Karan, you must play the villain in my biopic, if it’s ever made”. During the interview, she also reminded Karan Johar when he had mocked Kangana for her English skills.

Karan Johar came back with highly arrogant statements like

“I’m done with Kangana Ranaut playing the woman and victim card”,

“He has been gracious to not edit out her interview” and finally

“She should just leave Bollywood if she has problems with Nepotism”.

Well any sensible person should support Kangana in this debate, still most of the online world is divided into two groups, where the supporters of Kangana are applauding her for speaking the truth and taking a justified stance, the ones opposing her are bringing vague statements like Kangana’s attitude problem, Her legal troubles with Hrithik Roshan and love affairs with ‘Shekhar Suman’s Son’ and according to rumours how she may be having a drug addiction problem.

Bollywood going downhill: -Movies are an image of our society and anybody can get a fair amount of Idea about the cultural aspects of any particular region by watching some good movies from that part of the world. Here the keyword is “Good Movies”, the kind of movies that represent the country and its people. According to stats, there were 225 Bollywood films released in 2016, out of which only 11 films were Hit. That’s a success ratio of only 5%.

Why the Indian Film Industry which produces the highest number of movies annually produces so few hits each year, on the contrary movies like Jungle Book became the 1st Hollywood film to cross 200 crore revenue in India and became the 3rd highest grossing film only after Sultan & Dangal. Rest of the Hollywood releases like Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, Captain America-Civil War, Kung Fu Panda-3 also attracted more audience as compared to their Bollywood peers released in the same week. 2015 saw Baahubali as the biggest Indian film which is basically a regional movie but on a much bigger canvas which any Bollywood film has ever done till now.

The Verdict: Bollywood is going downhill because the industry is filled with Nepotism and Corruption. All the award shows are fake and B-Town veterans like Aamir Khan & Ajay Devgan have no faith in their system. People only work with their friends & family where everybody is related to everybody one way or the other and it’s a nightmare for people to break this chain system.

To mock the common, Bollywood has very craftily created a term ‘Outsider’ for people who are out of this Chain system as if they are coming from some Unknown ‘Outside’ realms. Star Sons work with the biggest banners year after year giving umpteen number of Flops, whereas a very talented guy hardly gets a chance to prove his mettle. This is also helped by their friends in the Media industry who write reviews based on their liking/disliking of a particular star. A Salman Khan starrer gets a 3.5-4 star reviews, because nobody wants to offend Salman Bhai. Bollywood is so consumed by its own righteous virtue of power tactics between Producer, Director, Star and Media houses that it has left connecting with the common masses long back, and Big Stars like Shah Rukh Khan who had literally ruled the 90’s can not guarantee a Box office success. This gap is quickly filled by Regional and Hollywood content who somehow have been able to capture the imagination of the masses.

Karan Johar, You maybe ruling Bollywood, but Bollywood is not ruling the hearts and minds of the people anymore. Bollywood needs to break this Nepotism, not for Kangana but for your own and the Industries sake.