Soon Modi will be sent to jail for corruption, all thanks to Kejriwal

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Image Courtesy: Zee News

Narendra Modi’s days as the Prime Minister of India are now numbered. India’s finest anti-corruption crusader, the progenitor of clean politics, Investigator cum laude and the Chief Minister of the Universe, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has discovered what can be described as the most decisive proof of corruption against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While addressing a rally in Rohtak, Arvind Kejriwal accidentally came across a locker marked ‘Narendra Modi ki Tijori’ on the stage.

Given his inquisitive nature thanks to his IRS background, Arvind Kejriwal proceeded to unlock the locker and lo and behold, there it was. Conclusive proof that Narendra Modi had besmirched the high office that he holds by his corrupt acts. Inside the locker were thick files that detailed Narendra Modi’s hobnobbing with big businesses, specifically Sahara and Birlas. Armed with this incontrovertible proof, which he waved in front of his supporters, Arvind Kejriwal now plans to take Narendra Modi down. And given the indisputable nature of evidence, it is unlikely that Narendra Modi will be successful in evading law any further.

Soon, the courts would take over and there is no doubt that Narendra Modi would probably be held culpable for his crimes. The Courts might sentence him to 10-20 years of rigorous imprisonment, or better still, bar him from contesting elections. There is no doubt that without Narendra Modi’s leadership, the BJP government would collapse like a pack of cards. Elections would have to be held, which Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party would contest with renewed zeal and energy, burnished by their credentials in putting the corrupt Narendra Modi behind bars. Masses would throng AAP’s rallies and when the votes would be counted, there is no doubt that AAP will have swept the polls. Arvind Kejriwal will finally be crowned as the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy. All of India’s woes will come to an end instantly. Politics of caste, creed, religion that have blighted India for so long will disappear overnight. All of India will have free Wi-fi, free water, free power, free everything. The streets will become safe for women once again as CCTVs will cover every inch of Indian territory. Pakistan and China will cower before India’s military might. Opponents will join Arvind Kejriwal in the betterment of nation and democracy will thrive once again.

AAPtards can wipe their moist eyes and get a hold of their emotions because nothing of this sort is going to happen. The way things stand as of now, Arvind Kejriwal will be lucky to scrape through in Punjab. To be honest, the whole nautanki in Rohtak, where Arvind Kejriwal opened a locker in front of his supporters and took out files incriminating Narendra Modi, was distasteful to say the least. It does not behove a Municipal councillor, let alone a Chief Minister to indulge in such theatrics. Arvind Kejriwal knows pretty well that the so called ‘incriminating material’ has been thrown out by the Courts already and therefore holds no water. Kejriwal’s insistence on flaunting the evidence, repeatedly, serves only to prove the Goebblesian theory and to drive his supporters into a state of frenzy. Amongst all politicians, and Indian politicians are notorious for their fluctuating viewpoints, Arvind Kejriwal stands out as someone who will give a chameleon a run for his money. Someone who stormed to power on his anti-corruption, anti-status quo, anti-establishment credentials, Arvind Kejriwal is now mired in the same system that he once promised to change. Worse still, he is perpetuating the system in the name of being ‘pro-people’. His frequent personal attacks on the Prime Minister, his hobnobbing with the likes of Mamata and Lalu, his attempts to polarize voters on caste clearly demonstrated that Arvind Kejriwal has been reduced to just another Indian politician.

The decision to become just another Indian politician is Arvind Kejriwal’s and nobody can do anything about it. But the least that one can expect is for him to work on his sense of humour. If he can’t deliver on governance, on his electoral promises and on moral standards, Arvind Kejriwal can at least deliver a good smile by his histrionics. The stagecraft at Rohtak was just not upto the mark. Surely, Arvind sir can do better!