Dhulagarh Riots: Because when Hindus are killed, riots aren’t riots

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1946, 1947, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 2002, 2008 & now 2016. Confused? These are the years when communalism, be it of any level, ashamed us Indians to the core. From the time, when selfishness of two squabbling politicians became responsible for a massacre worse than the ethnic cleansing in German Holocaust, we are now at a point, where one community, if affected, can bring down governments and throw the nation into the pool of anarchy, while if other communities are affected by the same, none cares a straw about the same.

Amidst the hullabaloo on demonetization, the situation in the riot torn West Bengal turned worse, when post the celebrations of Id – e – Milad – Ul – Nabi, scores of Salafi anarchists and terrorists, high on bigotry, went on a rampage in Dhulagarh or Dhuliagora,  a town barely 18 km. away from the Howrah region of Kolkata, destroying  untold households of native Bengalis, especially Hindus, maiming them,  expelling them from their own homes, almost on the lines one witnessed in the horrendous Kashmiri Holocaust of the 1990s, when scores of Kashmiri minorities, especially the Kashmiri Pandits and the Sikhs, were forced to leave their homeland.

If you think this is another poor joke cracked at a wrong time, think again. According to the denizens of a village Banijopur (I might be personally mistaken if the actual name is different), the band of arsonists and anti social elements, mostly from the Salafi Islamic cult, joined the procession for Id E Milad Ul Nabi, disguised as passersby, and soon enough, they went on a rampage, bombing at random households, robbing the remaining of their property. When approached for help, the local police couldn’t come to assistance, as the anarchists bombed the troops as well.

What’s worse, that despite severe frantic calls from the Dhulagarh town, which is not very far from Kolkata, no help, whether defensive or administrative, came from the side . This, after Dhulagarh being barely less than twenty kilometers from the capital of West Bengal?

So what’s the catch? Why is no help allotted to the riot torn district of Dhulagarh? Are the incidents of riots a mere figment of imagination? I’m not sure, because given how Malda is slowly but steadily emerging as the epicenter of terrorism after Kashmir Valley, this incident might not be fake either. However, following incidents that happened after the so called riots would make sure that not everything is right in Bengal:-

  • The hysteria of Mamata Bannerjee post demonetization against the normal administrative exercise of some troops from the Indian Army.
  • Rumors of hordes of black money being stashed
  • Top brass in administration, especially police, refusing to even meet with journalists or attend their calls over the issue of Dhulagarh riots.
  • Instead of addressing the issue of riots, Rajdeep Sardesai attacked the interrogators on Twitter with the following tweet, as if he can officially distinguish between a genuine riot and a fake one:-


Interestingly, apart from the alt right news portal Zee News, no mainstream media channel has even launched an investigation; forget covering the riots at the first instance.  Only a week later, did India Today did a mockery of a post on the same. As of now, the Bengal cell of BJP is planning to sue Bengal administration for gross apathy over the issue. For those who’re mocking it, try the same if the situation was reverse. The whole India would have painted INTOLERANT, on the lines of the local lynching at Bisahda in 2015.

Although appalling, this is nothing new to Mamata’s Bengal. Only a few months ago, Calcutta High Court had to come to the rescue of the Durga Puja festival, after a power hungry Mamata and her cronies decided to stall the festival, especially the idol immersions, so that the Muslim community, who were incidentally having their mourning festival of Muharram at the same time, could proceed without a fuss. If that is enough to boil your blood, a group of villages in Birbhum district is debarred by the administration from celebrating the Durga Puja, just because 25 families of the minority community, in the eyes of the administration, would be offended! Is this where Bengal is heading to? Haven’t we seen this tomfoolery enough in Sweden & Germany nowadays?

While allowing minorities to celebrate the festivals has always been an identity of Indian culture, doing so at the expense of the native culture is pseudo secularism of the worst sort, which is seriously not Bengal’s cup of tea.

What’s more appalling, that nobody, absolutely nobody save the nationalists, is caring a straw about the same, despite a majority of victims being Hindus from backward castes and tribes, those communities for whom people like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi would leave no stone unturned to castigate the central government. Where are they right now? Is this paltry in terms of the Rohith Vemula and the OROP suicide case, or is it because the state in question is ruled by one of their own breed, i.e. the pseudo seculars?

As of now, over 150 people have been either killed or maimed, and several others injured. (based on Zee News Coverage)



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