Earthquakes to be named after famous Indian politicians?

Rahul gandhi Earthquakes

Taking inspiration from The National Hurricane Center in the United States of America that usually names its hurricanes after great saints the meteorological department of India is planning to name all its earthquakes on famous Indian politicians who have made more noise in front of the cameras than in the parliament as a preventive measure to contain the anticipated adversity that may affect millions of people as a result of forcibly listening to earth shattering speeches from the opposition leaders!


The Met department has also announced that it would install a Surgical Richer scale in the Rajya Sabha in order to ascertain the severity of any symbolic quake or quack that would measure the magnitude of seismic sound waves likely to be caused outside the Rajya Sabha especially in the winter sessions where it is more cozier to be in front of bright camera lights of the media than in the sleepy sessions of the assembly.


The Aam Aadmi Party Supremo has claimed that this is a conspiracy by Modi to break the grounds beneath his feet by instigating an eloquent and spontaneous Rahul Gandhi to issue statements that is actually eating into his media limelight! Meanwhile the MSM also has left no stone unturned in comparing Modi to Trump as the idea of naming earthquakes after political saints was lifted from the US weather center, hence the onus certainly lies with the head of the state and also has the potential to stir up communal riots among the masses.


However the Supreme Court has expressed concern and enquired about the Government’s plan on how it is going to handle such announced earthquakes which has scared off the common man who now fears that he will be forced to watch a ‘Today morning I woke up at night’ style video repeatedly on various WhatsApp groups.


It is also rumored that the earthquakes in Nepal previously and Indonesia more recently was perhaps because of such above mentioned thundering remarks made by Shri.Rahul Gandhi previously on various occasions. A Reuter report suggests that quarrying and mining companies are now just playing Raga’s speeches for all their excavating works and mothers are hoping to use such earth shattering speeches as a deterrence to get their kids to eat their food completely. But what remains to be seen is if it is going to be an earth shaking or eyes shutting exercise!