Bhima! What is the proof that you killed Duryodhana?

Bhima Kejram

Yuddhisthira: That was a well fought duel bro, loved your mace strikes

Bhima – Hey thanks Big Bro

Arjuna – This will go down in History as one of the best mace fights ever

Krishna – I’ll catch you guys later…Dau Balbhadra is kinda annoyed at me. You know mace fight rules and stuff

Yuddhisthira: Yeah Yeah, totally understood

Nakul-Sahdev – Brothers, I think we have a situation here

Arjuna – What Situation?

Nakul-Sahdev – There is this really stupid fellow outside, he has this horde of braindead followers. He says Bhima slaying Duryodhana is a hoax. Duryodhana probably drowned in the Sarovar and died

Bhima – What the hell man? I pummeled Duryodhana. Tell him if he has any doubts, I’ll clarify it with my mace.

Yuddhisthira: That’s wrong. Let us reason with him. Otherwise coming generations will call us liars


Kejram: Aap Log Jhooth bol rahe hain, Duryodhana khud hi mar gaya

Bhim – khud hi mar gaya? Are you out of your frigging mind?

Kejram: What is the proof?

Yuddhisthira – Mitra, you can check his corpse.

Kejram: I don’t care about the corpse. What is the proof that it was Bhima who killed him?

Arjuna – Oye! Idiot. Duryodhana was a mighty warrior. Only Bhimasen had it in him to kill him.

Kejram: Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit

Nakul-Sahdev – I think Bhima way is the right way. Why should we listen to his bickering?

Yuddhisthira: That’s wrong. Let us reason with him. Otherwise coming generations will call us liars

Kejram: I want proof, I want proof, I want proof

Yuddhisthira: Fine Fine. Do you trust Sanjay? He is watching the whole Mahabharata through his Divine set of eyes.

Kejram: Works


Sanjay: They are right. Bhimsen indeed slayed Duryodhana in a fierce mace fight

Bhima: Yo Baby. Are you content now, Kejram?

Kejram: No

Arjuna: What the hell man? What do you want now?

Kejram: See Sanjay saw it, I didn’t. Do you have a recording or something?

Sanjay: What is he? An idiot or something? I saw and narrated it to Dhritarashtra? Ask him if you have doubts.

Dhritarashtra (Crying): That’s right. This monster Bhimasen killed my son. This monster Bhimasen killed the rightful king of Hastinapur.

Nakul-Sahdev – Rightful king our arses. Huh!

Bhima: Abhi tasalli mili?

Kejiram: No

Sanjay: So the king is lying?

Kejram: I don’t know, Maybe you saw everything and the king believes you but I don’t unless I see it with my own tadpole like eyes.

Yuddhisthira: Okay Bhima, Your way it is.