What! Nawaz Sharif is considering to defect to India?

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Image Source: Tribune.pk

Amidst growing tensions between India and Pakistan in the wake of renewed protests in Kashmir valley and the Uri attack, India would be achieving something that was not heard of since the days of cold war – defection of leaders of enemy nation.

As per the transcript of telephone calls between Amina Bi and her estranged brother Hafiz Sayeed, current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is considering to defect to India. His decision seems as a pre-emptive measure of counter measures by the other Sharif, Raheel.

For the new comers, Raheel Sharif is the Army Chief, Pakistan.

It may be noted here that Raheel Sharif had given a piece of his mind on how to tackle India and the frequency of his lectures on this topic has increased in the last one year.

Nawaz Sharif, smarting from the past experiences when he was kicked out into exile had sensed something amiss by analyzing the alarming regularity in cross-border attacks, some of which he was not aware of.

What worries Nawaz Sharif most is that Raheel Sharif doesn’t even bother to update him, even after attacks, making Musharraf an obedient soldier, for he used to meet Nawaz Sharif regularly during the Kargil war, though shared no useful information.

The fact that Raheel is too formal in not sharing information made Nawaz edgy that he fears for his life. So, he considered to move out of Pakistan with his family – alive.

It was Mani Shankar Aiyyar, who suggested Nawaz  to move to India. Aiyyar explained how guests are considered to be gods in Indian tradition and even translated ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ into Punjabi mixed Urdu, only to convince Nawaz Anna (That’s how Aiyyar Bhai addresses Nawaz mia).

When Aiyyar explained that the government of India provides security to separatists, who have nothing to fear about in the valley, interest of Nawaz had doubled.

Nawaz was particularly interested in settling either in Srinagar or in Lucknow, so that he can participate actively in Muslim politics.

Aiyyar somehow could convince Nawaz that except Owaisi, Indian Muslims lack a leader with charisma equal to the prime minister of Pakistan.

His arguments were seconded by Sudheen Coolkarni, who extrapolated the future of Nawaz in India. He sold Nawaz the dream of becoming the leader of consolidated Muslim vote in India, which is more than the population of Pakistan.

With Congress preparing to play second fiddle to even Nitish and Laloo, especially with Rahul Gandhi having an allergy to the cumbersome work schedule of any statutory office, Congress may well support Nawaz miya to the position of Indian Prime Minister. His past experience in handling administration may come in handy, if the dream is realized.

When Amina Bi asked when she could meet her god-uncle in valley, however Hafiz Sayeed expressed the only concern in the entire plan.

From reliable sources (read Haqqani network), Nawaz Sharif got information that Aiyyar and Coolkarni sold the same dream to Pervez Musharraf also, who was considering to exile to United Kingdom. As the climate of London may not suite his health, in all probability, Musharraf may prefer to defect to India.

In such case, Sharif concedes that Musharraf may well puncture the dream balloons woven by Aiyyar and Coolkarni. So, for the time being Nawaz will be waiting till Musharraf exiles – before taking any decision.

When the Burqa clad behenji asked her brother about the prospect of Kashmir integration in case either Musharraf or Sharif defects to India, Hafiz Sayeed explained the chances are remote.

‘You shall understand my sister’ he explained ‘People like you and me need the LoC to live the way we are living now. If not for LoC and Kashmir issues, police of both India and Pakistan might have encountered us long ago. It is essential for us to keep the valley burning. The heat from that burning prevents us from freezing in the cold of Kashmiri winters’.

Oh! Of course This is a satire and has nothing to do with reality [{(In case you forgot to check the article category)}]