Why Bhagwan Vishwakarma is called the Ultimate Reality?


Viśwákarma (Sanskrit for “all-accomplishing, maker of all, all-doer”) finds first mention in the oldest veda – Rig veda and is the personification of the consciousness driving the creative force.

Vishwakarma is visualised as Ultimate reality (later developed as viswa Brahman) in the Rig Veda, from whose navel the Hiranyagarbha emanates.

Hiranyagarbha refers to our universe and the literal translation is – The Golden womb.

Vishwakarma is believed to be the “Principal Architect of the Universe “, and the root concept of the later Upanishadic figures of Brahman and Purusha.

So basically we see that Vishwakarma is simply an adjective denoted to that one all pervading consciousness, of which Brahman or Purusha are another names, of this advaita – The non- dual. Thus Vishwakarma is that aspect of God that is creating the architecture, the Intelligent design, of the universe.

What Hinduism says is that every force at play in the universe has a consciousness and humans are too infinitesimally small in front of the forces to be able to comprehend them let alone declare them non living.

Now understand Vishwakarma in this aspect, Hinduism says there is a higher intellect that is the brain behind the universe. For example, our DNA is not a creation of Humans, humans are still trying to catch up with the way DNA works. There has to be a higher intelligence engineering the process of evolution, and the consciousness behind that “intelligent design” is Vishwakarma.

The visible aspect of Vishwakarma is called Tvashtar. Tavashtar is credited with producing the 3 Lokas and protecting it with his arms and wings. Owing to this, custom of kite flying is prevalent during Vishwakarma Puja.

Interestingly cosmology also divides our universe into 3 parts. Around 5% of the entire universe is visible matter. around 20% is Dark matter (which is partly identifiable, most is undetectable) and the largest chunk of around 75 % is dark energy, which is even more mysterious than dark matter, and of which we know nothing about.

Moving on, Vishwakarma is credited with building ‘Swarnalanka’ or Golden Lanka for Shiva and Parvati, which later landed up with Kubera and finally with Ravana when he overthrew Kubera during the threta yuga. He Built vajra or thunderbolt weapon with Sage Dadhichi’s bones for Indra to fight with Vrata, the cosmic serpant that wanted to constrict the universe by pulling it inwards. Indra succeeded in defeating Vrata using the thunderbolt weapon. He is also said to have built Krishna’s city of Dwarika in a day.

Shwethashwatha Upanishad described Lord Vishwakarma as Rudra siva, one who dwells in all forms. He is called swyambhu – One who has no creator, as there was no time when he was not present. Thus clearly they all refer to the Advaita the non dual and thus Vishwakarma is simply another adjective for the One.

On the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti let us pay gratitude to this Grand, Eternal Engineer; the intelligence that is the architect of the universe. Creating it, preserving it, and constantly transforming it. May that intelligence light up our minds as well.

ओम् आधार शक्तपे नम:, ओम् कूमयि नम:, ओम् अन्नतम् नम:, ओम् पृतिव्यै नम: